[Artist introduction] kerocchi

Introducing the 1st collage exhibition artist kerocchi.


Born in Nishinomiya, Hyogo Prefecture in 1997, lives in Tokyo.
While attending university, he began creative activities, mainly collage production and writing, as a means of resisting loneliness. I can remember the first time I created a collage piece as vividly as if it were just yesterday. When I used a cutter to cut out the material, it felt like a lump of emotion inside me was being cut open. However, we have not yet reached the core of it, and we are still searching for it. Words keep wandering around in my head like disposable artificial satellites, and life goes on, still tugging at the emotions that come with them. What happens when you cut out something like a mass of materials and emotions? It may have already rotted and turned into mush, or it may never have existed in the first place. I really don't know. But pain, sadness, and all other emotions mix and dissolve and turn into creation. Exhibition is self-harm, therapy, and shame. In this way, I am a little nervous and hope that by having others look at them, I will be able to see a vague shape.
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◎Exhibition 2020 Exhibition & Pop up store "0.5" Exhibition
2021 Tamagawa University Internship Results Exhibition 21 Claims Exhibition
2021 Free paper magazine moco event “Kippu” exhibition
2021 Collage Exhibition: CUT and PASTE 2021 @The blank GALLERY Tokyo Exhibition
2022 First Solo Exhibition “The room was filled with the smell of grilled meat even though it wasn’t, and something similar to a dog was barking outside.I was a little off the center of the room. He stands there and pretends to be stupid."
2022 Collage Exhibition@Harajuku Design Festa Gallery ◎Awards
2019 1st Kabukicho Literary Award “I Don’t Want to See Breasts, Where This Love Goes” 2021 1st SHIBUYA Literary Contest Judges’ Special Award “Shibuya” Excellence Award “Hikari” ◎Other activities ・
2021 THETOMBOYS “Time Machine Nante” music video production ・
2021 THETOMBOYS “Time Machine Nante” jacket production Goods production ・2021 THETOMBOYS 1st Full Album “MY GENERATiON TO” jacket production

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[Exhibition view]

You can see cool works up close 🪐

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[Staff comment]

This is a collage work created by cutting out objects little by little. I thought it was a cool work with a sense of unity even though there were a lot of cut and pasted pieces. I felt that it was an interesting piece of work where a melting clock looks like water bubbles, and Saturn is an expression of the thoughts I'm thinking, and it cuts together many things and expresses them according to a single theme 🌜 I was caught up in the concept. It is also interesting to think about what kind of intentions he has in creating such bold works.

[Exhibition information]

collage exhibition

1st 2022 7.18(mon)-7.31(sun)
Nojima Valley shota takasao kerocchi yama butterball

2nd 2022 8.1(mon)-8.14(sun)
Oyasayaka Kazuyuki Yamada KYOCO MORI Eiji Nas Eri Arai


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