[Artist introduction] yama

Introducing artist yama for the 1st collage exhibition.


We disassemble and reconstruct the inspiration felt from materials whose essences contrast at first glance, and express new stimulation and harmony through collage art.

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Exhibited at 2019 DESIGN FESTA vol.49 Exhibited at UNKNOWN ASIA 2019 Exhibited at DESIN FESTA GALLERY collage exhibition 2019
2020 DESIN FESTA GALLERY collage exhibition 2 020 exhibition
guest room CD jacket production Group exhibition “cross over” in Taiwan
Group exhibition “BURGERS” Elsweyr travelogue CD jacket production
2021 Group Exhibition “Preface l” GALLERY ART POINT
Group exhibition “Mitsu” GALLERY chambre Group exhibition “BREAK TAIM” cafe yamaboushi Group exhibition “Green exhibition” AAA GALLERY
Solo exhibition “SPICE” Shibuya Stream Excel Hotel Tokyu
2022 Group exhibition “Fregment” GALLERY ART POINT DESIN FESTA vol.55

【the work】


This work focuses on the inner side of people that is revealed through hurt.


This work expresses the inconvenience of being entangled with so many things and things, and the human being who is far from his ideals.

The screen

This work visualizes the anxiety and stress felt from the world on screen.

scratch ll

The second work in the "scratch" series.


A work commemorating the 30th anniversary of his birth.

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List of yama's works▽



[Exhibition view]

You can see the detailed ingenuity of the work 😌

The impression you see changes depending on the perspective 💐

You can enjoy yama's wonderful works!

Please come and see the beautiful works with delicate expressions!


[Staff comment]

This work expresses the feelings of a sensitive person. If you look closely, you can see the English newspaper in the background by using the blurring of the paint 🎨The blurred, cut-and-paste depiction reveals an unstable heart, and you can feel the power of the work as if it were appealing. Masu. Some of the works have electrical parts attached to them, and some are collages of colorful flowers, so keep an eye out for them 💡

[Exhibition information]

collage exhibition

1st 2022 7.18(mon)-7.31(sun)
Nojima Valley shota takasao kerocchi yama butterball

2nd 2022 8.1(mon)-8.14(sun)
Oyasayaka Kazuyuki Yamada KYOCO MORI Eiji Nas Eri Arai


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