“Ohartd” = A unique piece of art with the theme of the heart (people) and emotions.The feeling that the monochrome world gives us is mysterious and attractive, or even seductive. At the same time, things without color and without a fixed pattern of generation are also the source of thought and imagination.
      People often say that my (=Ohartd) works are difficult to understand at first glance.
      My work (= Ohartd Galaxy), as the name suggests, is in constant flux. In other words, ``the shape that looks like this now'' will not exist in the next moment. It's a series of once-in-a-lifetime encounters.
      Paying close attention to the moment leads to becoming aware of the raw power that we tend to overlook.
      The theme of my activity, “Ohartd is one of the communication tools,” is aimed at “revitalizing innate senses.”
      The works in this exhibition are visualizations of my daily emotions. While I am an ``expressor,'' I am also a person who lives a normal life.
      Some people have experienced similar feelings to what I felt, and others are about to experience them. How did you feel when you looked at my picture today? Was there a synchronization between ``your mood'' and ``my painting mood''? Ohartd Galaxy continues to beat while swallowing up countless conversations like this.


      Born in Kumamoto Prefecture in 1997.

      After coming into contact with cutting-edge art while studying abroad in New York, he embarked on a full-fledged career in painting.

      The original line drawings, which are strictly monochrome, change into a wide range of colors while reflecting the viewer's emotional fluctuations and conditions at the time.

      Based on the belief that ``painting is a tool for people to have conversations with themselves,'' he continues his creative activities from two bases in Kumamoto and Tokyo.

      2022 “International Open New Internship Exhibition vol.54” Special Creative Award

      In the same year, he won the gold medal at the Japan Elite Arts and Culture Exhibition 2022.

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