Based on his experience growing up in the nature-rich Satoyama of Mie Prefecture, he creates works with the theme of Japanese animism.
      Influenced by his mother, he has been good at cooking since childhood, and his strong interest in food has led to his works. The idea behind taking photographs as a hobby was to capture the mysticism I felt towards familiar natural objects such as food ingredients under the title "Food Nude."
      Originally, in Japan, ``meal'' was considered a divine ritual that brought life into being. In this work, by observing ingredients and creating pictures through his own interpretation, he expresses the process of sensually digesting and absorbing the spirit of animism, which unconsciously senses the spiritual presence of "God."
      Food is a casual part of everyday life, but it is directly related to life.
      Nowadays, there are calls for food safety and a review of dietary habits, and by looking at ingredients through the spirituality that the Japanese have held since ancient times, we can learn about the significance of life, the body, and the identity that the Japanese cherish in modern society. ask

      Born in Mie Prefecture in 1993
      2020 Japan Literature Art Competition Encouragement Award Winner
      August 2022 independent tokyo 2022 (Tokyo Metropolitan Industrial Trade Center Hamamatsucho Building)
      October: Selected for monster exhibition 2022 (Shibuya Hikarie)
      February 2023 Group Exhibition -New green leaves- (DDDART)


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