Born in Fukuoka Prefecture, 21 years old.
      He has been active as an actor since 2010, and in 2021 he began working as an artist through painting, seeking expression that goes beyond language.

      Based on the concept of "Invisible Sloth", we visualize the mental landscape caused by laziness and depression.
      He creates works that allow viewers to face themselves through paintings.
      Laziness and melancholy (= sloth) are always with us, delaying action and increasing regret.
      However, I believe that laziness can sometimes restore the soul, and that depressing feelings can become an opportunity to know oneself more deeply.
      Through this work, I hope to reaffirm my own sense of sloth and give people the courage to pause in their busy lives.
      The iconic eye mask is based on the dark circles of the animal sloth, and the white human figure visible through the mask represents the ideal self hidden within.
      When the viewer stands in front of the painting, it becomes a structure in which reality and ideal confront each other through the sloth.

      [Exhibition history]
      November 2021 Solo exhibition: “MOGAKI” (Daimaru Fukuoka Tenjin store)
      December Group exhibition: “100 people 10” (Shinwa Art Auction)
      January 2022 Group exhibition: “SIGEKI” (Shibuya no-ma)
      November Group exhibition: “100 people 10”
      Solo exhibition: “Invisible sloth” (All DAY gallery)

      [Award history]
      October 2022UNKNOWN ASIA 2022
      Seiji Yoshikawa Award Moe Nakasuji Award

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