ARTIST Hikaru Yamamoto

      After graduating from Tama Art University Product Design in 2021, he will enter the Tokyo University of the Arts Graduate School of Fine Arts, majoring in design in 2022. With the theme of creating "opportunities" (design), I am researching the state of manufacturing and relationships with others. I mainly create works using paper as a material, and every day I search for moments where I can touch the emotions of others by capturing the temperature and emotions I feel from paper. Also, I try to just stop and witness the time and scenery that pass by without my permission in my daily life. What I can see because I am the person I am now, who could not belong anywhere, and I am not sure how long it will last, but I am giving form to what I saw after slowly digesting the present.

      1998 Born in Miyagi Prefecture
      2021 Graduated from Tama Art University Product Design

      2021 “30th Paper Work Award” Runner-up
      2022 “SICF23・MARKET” Spiral Garden
      2022 "Sangetsu Wallpaper Design Awards 2022" Finalist
      2023 “17th Geidai Art Plaza Grand Prize” runner-up, selected
      2023 Group Exhibition “Do you remember clambon?” TIERS GALLERY by arakawagrip
      2023 "Between Fixed Point Observations - Tokyo University of the Arts x Ginza Tsutaya Bookstore" Exhibition
      2023 "What's ART? Thinking about 'What is art?' with Geidai Art Plaza Award-winning artists" exhibition

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