[Author introduction] Keisuke Kazuki

Introducing HOLBEIN ART FAIR 2022 2nd artist Keisuke Kazuki

Keisuke Katsuki

My painting production revolves around ``pixel painting,'' which reproduces images projected on a monitor using only the display structure, that is, the red, blue, and green colors (pixels). The images mainly use paintings by Monet and Turner, but this is a work by summoning the works of famous painters who depict light to a monitor (image that emits light), which is the result of modern optical technology, and furthermore, The purpose of this work is to reconsider modern vision and light through painting.

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1991 Born in Fukuoka Prefecture

2016 Completed Tokyo Zokei University Graduate School of Art and Design Department of Fine Arts

[Solo exhibition]

2015 “Filled with Light” Lower Akihabara.(Tokyo)

2017 “Image in the Light” Lower Akihabara.(Tokyo)

2018 “Les Nymphéas” EUKARYOTE (Tokyo)

2019 "Hope's harbinger" EUKARYOTE (Tokyo)

2020 “ELAPSE” SEZON ART SHOP (Kanagawa)

2021 “Noumena” EUKARYOTE (Tokyo) [Group Exhibition]

2015 “Two Truths” Griffin Gallery (London)

2016 “iphone mural” BLOCK HOUSE (Tokyo)

2017 “CIRCUS vol.1” SEZON ART GALLERY (Tokyo)

2018 “NOUMENON” TAV Gallery (Tokyo)

2019 “Distance to Image” Kannai Bunko (Kanagawa)

2020 “appropriate distance” Ginza Tsutaya Shoten (Tokyo)

2021 “Gunma Youth Biennale 2021” Gunma Museum of Modern Art (Gunma) [Selected/Awarded]

2014 Liquitex Art Prize 2014 Grand Prix

2017 32nd Holbein Scholarship Scholar

2021 Gunma Youth Biennale 2021 Excellence Award

【the work】

Cathédrale de Rouen, effet de soleil 1893

acrylic on panel

H1000 × W650 (mm)


La Cathedrale de Rouen 1892

acrylic on panel

H1000×W65 0 (mm)


Le Portail(soleil) 1892

acrylic on panel

H1000×W650 (mm)


Gray ; Noumena #10

acrylic on canvas, UVprint

H530×W455 (mm)


Gray ; Noumena #11

acrylic on canvas, UVprint

H530×W455 (mm)


cursor WIN95

acrylic on panel

H210×W120 (mm)


hand cursor WIN95

acrylic on panel

H220×W170 (mm)


hourglass cursor WIN95

acrylic on panel

H220×W130 (mm)


List of works by Keisuke Kazuki▽



[Exhibition view]

The whole thing looks like a computer screen💻 which is cool

Rouen Cathedral is depicted🌟

It's an interesting work that you can see from a different perspective when you look at it up close!


[Staff comment]

Pixel paintings drawn with a limited set of colors give you a mysterious feeling as if you are looking at the work through a special lens!
Pixel painting is a masterpiece that breaks down the luminescence of the icon into RGB and physically replaces it with mixed paint!
The beautiful gradation expressed with very fine pixels is very attractive ✨✨


[Exhibition information]


1st Week|Monday, August 15, 2022 - Sunday, August 21, 2022
Hatsu Eika / Ayano Hamaguchi / Sayaka Fukuda / Yugo Koroki / Kotaro Inoue
2nd Week|Monday, August 22, 2022 - Sunday, August 28, 2022
Tomomi Taoka / Keisuke Kazuki / Rika Morishima / Aika Furukawa / Nana Matsumoto
3rd Week|Monday, August 29, 2022 - Sunday, September 4, 2022
Kenichiro Fukumoto / Momoko Fukada / Mino Watanabe / Asahi Sugai / Eri Fukuda
4th Week | Monday, September 5, 2022 - Sunday, September 11, 2022
SAKAMOTO ENTERTAINMENT / Kotaro Otsuka / Niji Kikuchi / Hatsune Suzuki / Yu Yasuda / Kimi Sakaki
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