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9 Posters (Repost) participating writer Toshi Ishizuka
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( * Image work)

Poting I
Shun Ishizuka
Inkjet print, paper
103 x 72.8 cm


For graphic designers like me, poster production is a job, and most of them are accompanied by short -term advertising. Currently, during the production / advertising period of a record jacket of a band modern, he has been diverted from the artwork and photographer Kei Murata, who was provided as an artwork, and developed it in the process of other work. The original image is developed by giving the "mysterious" blur effect.

Shun Ishizuka


Shun Ishizuka

1983 Born in Saitama Prefecture
graphic designer. He majored in visual studies at Waseda University, freelancer in 2014. He performs advertising art, binding, display design, and video production in fields such as performing arts, contemporary art, music and fashion.

Main advertising art (exhibition)
"MOT Annual 2019 | Echo After Echo: Temporary Voice, New Shadow" Tokyo Contemporary Art (Tokyo)
Naoki Miyasaka "Three Spacis" Tokyo Arts and Space Hongo (Tokyo)
"TIPS" Kyoto Art Center (Kyoto)
"Format of time, its production and method-Takeshi Tanaka's work and text" Aoyama Meguro (Tokyo)
"Marufoned Objects" Yamamoto Hyundai (Tokyo)

Main exhibitions
"Nature is not your houseHold" (online)
"9 Posters" Talion Gallery (Tokyo)
"Antwerp Poster Festival" Speciale Belge
"Symphony LDK" Kyoto Art Center (Kyoto)
"All Night Happs" HAPS (Kyoto)



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9 Posters (Repost)
Yuki Oiwa "Margin Reception"

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June 1, 2021 (Tue)- June 30 (Wed)
・ June 11 -June 20
* From June 21 to June 30, we plan to open a corridor between 10: 00-20: 00 at this stage.

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