“HOLBEIN ART FAIR 2021” is a special exhibition to discover the next generation of talent in the art industry.

“HOLBEIN ART FAIR 2021” is a special exhibition to discover the next generation of talent in the art industry.

Plus Art Co., Ltd. (Location: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Representative: Takashi Nitta), which supports contemporary art creators, is a global art supplies manufacturer with a history of over 120 years, Holbein Art Materials Co., Ltd. (Location: Chuo, Osaka). Continuing from last year, we will be holding a special exhibition "HOLBEIN ART FAIR 2022" from August 15, 2022 (Monday) at "+ART GALLERY" on the 14th floor of Shibuya Scramble Square. i will let you know. The concept of this exhibition is "Possibility of painting."

■Thoughts behind holding “HOLBEIN ART FAIR 2021”

Holbein was founded in 1900 as Yoshimura Minekichi Shoten, which began as a wholesaler and retailer of stationery.The company not only purchases Western painting materials and paints from around the world, but also manufactures in-house, and has moved forward with the establishment of the Japanese art industry. .

With an eye on the development of the art industry as a whole, Holbein launched the Holbein Scholarship in 1986 to discover and support the next generation of talent. By providing a variety of drawing materials and tools handled by the company to artists, we have supported the activities of over 1,200 artists in total.

"HOLBEIN ART FAIR 2021" is the first art fair in Holbein's history, and is an opportunity for scholarship students who have the potential to lead the next generation of Japan's art scene to exhibit and sell their works. We would be happy if we could elevate the Holbein brand, which has been cultivated for more than 120 years, to play a role in creating recognition and career development for artists.

■Overview of “HOLBEIN ART FAIR 2021”

A total of 21 artists will be participating in this exhibition project, and over 100 works will be exhibited over four weeks. All of the works on display are available for purchase, and +ART GALLERY staff will be happy to show you around. Holbein's ``Holbein Scholarship'', which supports domestic artist activities in the hope of developing the art world, is now in its 35th year, and this exhibition featuring not only past scholarship students but also up-and-coming artists is a must-see every week. is.

We also plan to provide a space where visitors can try out and try out Holbein Art Supplies Co., Ltd.'s products, as well as an opportunity to speak directly with Holbein staff.
Works can be purchased locally and at online shops. If you would like more information or information about our works, please contact us through our online shop and we will be happy to assist you.


The works for sale will be released from the online shop from 9:00 on August 23rd.

*Published on the first day of each session.

Online shop: https://pls-art-shop.com/


<Implementation overview>

1st Week|Monday, August 15, 2022 - Sunday, August 21, 2022
Hatsu Eika / Ayano Hamaguchi / Sayaka Fukuda / Yugo Koroki / Kotaro Inoue

2nd Week|August 22, 2022 (Monday) - August 28, 2022 (Sunday)
Tomomi Taoka / Keisuke Kazuki / Rika Morishima / Aika Furukawa / Nana Matsumoto

3rd Week|Monday, August 29, 2022 - Sunday, September 4, 2022
Kenichiro Fukumoto / Momoko Fukada / Mino Watanabe / Asahi Sugai / Eri Fukuda

4th Week | Monday, September 5, 2022 - Sunday, September 11, 2022
SAKAMOTO ENTERTAINMENT / Kotaro Otsuka / Niji Kikuchi / Hatsune Suzuki / Yu Yasuda / Kimi Sakaki *Please refer to each artist's SNS for the days they will be in the gallery.

・Duration: August 15th (Monday) to September 11th (Sunday), 2022, business hours 10:00 - 21:00

*Business hours may change due to the influence of the new coronavirus. Please check the official website from time to time.

·free entrance

・Address: Shibuya Scramble Square Shop Restaurant 14F (150-0002 2-24-12 Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo)

・Access: 30 seconds to 1 minute each from JR Shibuya Station (Yamanote Line, Shonan-Shinjuku Line), Tokyo Metro Shibuya Station (Fukutoshin Line, Hanzomon Line, Ginza Line), Tokyu Line Shibuya Station (Toyoko Line, Denentoshi Line) degree

・Sponsored and planned by: Holbein Art Supplies Co., Ltd., Plus Art Co., Ltd.

・Cooperation: Re Creation Co., Ltd.


■About sales of works

Works can be purchased and will also be sold online during the period!

+ART Online Store: https://pls-art-shop.com/

The art supplies displayed at the exhibition venue can also be purchased from the Holbein Online Shop.

Holbein Online Shop: https://holbein-shop.com/

■Artist/work introduction

*Please note that the comments below are not official comments from the artist, but from the organizer, and may contain a lot of subjectivity.

1st Week|Monday, August 15, 2022 - Sunday, August 21, 2022

▷Eika Hatsu / Ayano Hamaguchi / Sayaka Fukuda / Yugo Koroki / Kotaro Inoue

Representative works of participants in the first week


In the first round, Hideka Hatsu (31st), Ayano Hamaguchi (34th), Sayaka Fukuda (28th), Yugo Koroki (24th), Kotaro Inoue (29th) and others from Holbein Scholarship participated in the first round. Participate.

Hatsu Hideka: By facing the screen and capturing the exhilaration of the moment when the brush lands on the screen with a high degree of freshness, by allowing pleasure (beauty) and discomfort (ugliness) to coexist without contradicting each other, she shows an attitude of accepting various contradictions. express. The highlights are the powerful and colorful expressions.

Ayano Hamaguchi: ``I want to create works that have the unbalance that is unique to paintings,'' and although she uses plants as a motif, she does not draw botanical paintings. He distorts the painting space and expresses even things that cannot be seen in the painting, making it a pleasure to look at.

Sayaka Fukuda: Creates two-dimensional works by discovering the sense of mogari (funeral ritual) from the scenery of the places she has visited. This is a work that is fun to decipher, as the story and work that the artist saw and felt through his own eyes are expressed beyond time and space.

Yugo Koroki: Centering on the motif of the human body, he attempts to explore the expansion of painting by focusing on ambiguous and ever-changing things such as light, color, and vision. He was also in charge of the jacket visual for Kazuya Yoshii's ``Mirai no Uta''. The various series of works expressed using symbols are also a must-see.

Kotaro Inoue: ``I want to take the viewer into some darkness.'' Using motifs such as people, houses, and trees, he focuses on the ``darkness'' beyond what is physically visible. It not only evokes a sense of awe, but also expresses the darkness that accompanies people's loneliness. Her works convey the feelings of tranquility and anxiety that exist in solitude.

2nd Week|August 22, 2022 (Monday) - August 28, 2022 (Sunday)

▷Tomomi Taoka / Keisuke Kazuki / Rika Morishima / Aika Furukawa / Nana Matsumoto

Representative works of participants in the second week

*Aika Furukawa's work was photographed by Yasuyuki Deguchi.


In the second round, Tomomi Taoka (33rd round), Keisuke Kazuki (32nd round), Rika Morishima (32nd round), Aika Furukawa (26th round), and Nana Matsumoto (24th round) from Holbein Scholarship participated. Participate.

Tomomi Taoka: She is characterized by her unconventional style of creating works by combining and coordinating complex information, materials, and parts one by one, regardless of formats such as 2D/3D, analog/digital, etc. continues to be updated, giving us a sense of "betrayal" in a good way.

Keisuke Kazuki: His two-dimensional works center on ``pixel painting,'' which reproduces images projected on a monitor using only the display structure, that is, the red, blue, and green colors (pixels). The images mainly use paintings by Monet and Turner, but this is a work by summoning the works of famous painters who depict light to a monitor (image that emits light), which is the result of modern optical technology, and furthermore, He uses his paintings to reconsider modern vision and light, and uses a unique style of painting.

Rika Morishima: I create works by making collages using magazine clippings and images from the internet, and by drawing things I photograph. He creates vivid works that allow you to enjoy both collages, which are improvisational and emphasize the senses, and paintings, which combine boldness and delicacy.

Aika Furukawa: After living in Germany with support from the Agency for Cultural Affairs and the Pola Art Foundation, she is currently active internationally in Tokyo, Leipzig, and Brussels. The main motif is the ``wrinkles of cloth'' such as ripped futons and pillows, which are taken from real everyday life. It combines "wrinkles" that naturally occur all around us. His drawing ability and expressiveness, which has been praised both domestically and internationally, is a must-see, as he uses his overwhelming drawing ability to transform wrinkles into art.

Nana Matsumoto: She works primarily with planes, paint, objects, stories, images, and space, inviting us to a 2.5-dimensional sensation. He reconstructs the causal or irrational relationship between images and things, along with the problems of painting, and I hope you will enjoy the messages that can be felt from the works and the intentions behind them.

3rd Week|Monday, August 29, 2022 - Sunday, September 4, 2022

▷ Momoko Fukada / Mino Watanabe / Asahi Sugai / Eri Fukuda / Kenichiro Fukumoto

Representative works of 3rd week participants


In the third round, from the Holbein Scholarship, Momoko Fukada (34th), Mino Watanabe (34th), Asahi Sugai (30th), Eri Fukuda (32nd), Kenichiro Fukumoto (32nd), etc. participated.

Momoko Fukada: Focusing on painting, she depicts small relationships, the freedom of the body, the boundaries between oneself and others, and the ambiguity of touch. We hope you will take a look at his works, which use shapes and strong lines to convey emotion within their stylish expressions.

Mino Watanabe: In recent years, she has been actively involved in holding solo exhibitions at Nihonbashi Mitsukoshi and creating murals. By depicting vivid nature such as plants and the sea in linear lines, he creates paintings that exist in the middle of polar opposite relationships such as nature and man-made, organic and inorganic, figurative and abstract. The expressions of brightly colored plants and artificial straight lines give a sense of freshness.

Asahi Sugai: Based on the theme of "deterioration over time," the appearance changes over time. Over time, as the silver foil rusts, the oil yellows, and the cyanotype fades, the original silvery surface gradually discolors, resulting in a change in the appearance of the work months, years, or even decades later. It is impossible to predict exactly what it will look like. This is a work that allows you to always enjoy the past that is yet to come, the future that has passed, or the vague and incomprehensible "present moment," rather than time that has been stopped and contained within the painting.

Eri Fukuda: Depicts an invisible world that is not real through two-dimensional works. I am trying to understand this world more deeply by ``making things visible and felt'' such as invisible human hearts, spirits, God-like beings, steam, and air. The blurred presence in the darkness expressed with oil paint feels a little endearing.

Kenichiro Fukumoto: Inspired by the shapes and colors of natural history encyclopedias from all over the world, tapestries of various ethnic groups, microorganisms in the soil and sea, and the ornamental plants around us, we reflect on the relationship between human creations and nature that have continued since time immemorial. He created paintings, sculptures, and other works while enjoying himself. Last year's exhibition also included many unique production stories, such as using single flower vases and old plant encyclopedias as media for paintings.

4th Week | Monday, September 5, 2022 - Sunday, September 11, 2022

▷SAKAMOTO ENTERTAINMENT / Kotaro Otsuka / Niji Kikuchi / Hatsune Suzuki / Yu Yasuda | Yu Yasuda / Kimi Sakaki

Representative works of participants in the 4th week


In the fourth round, Yu Yasuda (22nd) and Kimi Sakaki (23rd) participated from the Holbein Scholarship. In addition, in the final week, with the desire to "produce the next generation of writers," notable artists other than scholarship recipients, including SAKAMOTO ENTERTAINMENT, Kotaro Otsuka, Niji Kikuchi, and Hatsune Suzuki, will be participating.

SAKAMOTO ENTERTAINMENT: Continuing to research materials and sublimating them into works. The virtual human "imma" was briefly talked about in the media when she wore an orange dress knitted from rubber bands that she made during her graduation program, but there are many works that take advantage of the quality of the material, and there are The way they use materials is just amazing. This time, it is a shaped canvas work made from tangerine peel, and the work in her signature primary color of orange invites you into her worldview of entertainment.

Kotaro Otsuka: Depicting “darkness” using black as the main tone. According to him, there is something comforting about the ``unfocused space'' that he feels when he is in the dark. When you look at it, the use of colors of ``calming darkness'' is so wonderful that you almost want to be drawn into the painting. The work itself has a style that tightens up the space, making it a perfect match for white walls.

Niji Kikuchi: Mainly creates abstract and semi-abstract paintings that use vivid colors while pasting paper and cork. The characteristic of his work is that he weaves the lines and shapes he draws reactively without intending to create a piece of work, and that it only appears in that work. The overall impression is one that gives warmth and energy, and the work also gives a glimpse of the artist's humanity, who never forgets his sense of playfulness. Recently, he became a hot topic when he was chosen to be the cover art for a novel written by Taiki Kanechika of the comedy duo EXIT.

Hatsune Suzuki: Mr. Suzuki is actually engaged in farming, and he examines how both humans and plants interact, and uses the materials (soil and lime) obtained through this process to create works of ``painting.'' Through my activities, I hope to understand the relationship between nature and humans from the perspective of the creator. The work is created using an applied fresco technique called sgraffito, and it looks like a mural. Using lime, he creates works with an improvisational touch within the limited time it takes to combine with carbon dioxide in the air and harden, encapsulating a world in which all forms of life are interconnected and influence each other. However, the work is so delicate that it is hard to believe that it is an improvised work.

Yu Yasuda: An artist active in Japan and abroad who is known for his fluid world and colors that evoke the flow of time and space, as well as landscapes. When I try to capture the diversification and continuous change of forms and thoughts in a pictorial space, I am conscious of how much explanatory elements I should remove and where I should place the boundaries. The use of mixed colors with vague boundaries draws the viewer in, and the works that keep you looking at them for a long time are a testament to the artist's mastery of expression techniques and cropping techniques.

Kimi Sakaki: I depict the existence (icon) of "children" along with various objects as a vessel of expression and a mirror-like device. The use of colors and works that are immediately recognizable as Sakaki's works appeal to the senses, suggesting that the colorful colors hide various pure and innocent emotions. He has participated in many exhibitions both domestically and internationally, and in addition to exhibitions, he has formed the creative unit S+N laboratory and is expanding his activities in other fields.

■What is “Holbein Scholarship”?

Now recruiting students for the 35th Holbein Scholarship!

The Holbein Scholarship is a scholarship system that supports young artists.

The Holbein Scholarship System was launched as a CSR activity to support artists working in Japan with the hope of creating outstanding works of art and developing the art world. This scholarship system supports artists who are in need of coloring materials (oil, acrylic, etc.) regardless of the form of their work by providing them with a variety of materials and tools handled by Holbein. Our mission is to build closer relationships between award winners and our company, and we will incorporate their opinions and ideas into the development of new products, provide opportunities for presentations at our events and online projects, and encourage mutual support. We encourage you to actively participate in the scholarship on an equal footing.

Since the first Holbein Akrilla Scholarship Program began operations in 1986, more than 1,000 scholarship recipients have been recognized. In 2003, we received the Mecenat Award (New Generation Support Award), which is given to companies and organizations that have made a significant contribution to the promotion and development of arts and culture. The Holbein Group will continue to make further efforts and promote activities that contribute to the development and promotion of art and culture through our corporate activities.

We are currently accepting applications for the 35th Holbein Scholarship, and the deadline is the end of August 2022.

Application deadline: Wednesday, August 31, 2022 *Postmark valid


[For details on the 35th Holbein Scholarship, please see the URL below! ]




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