[Author introduction] Junko Asano

Introducing art remix artist Junko Asano .

Junko Asano


Born in Kanagawa Prefecture in 1974

Graduated from Nippon Design College

[Main exhibitions]
2022 Solo exhibition "It's time for delusions." - gallery UG Bakurocho, Tokyo
2021 Solo exhibition “Fantasy Public Bureau” - gallery UG Bakurocho, Tokyo
2020 Solo exhibition "Belle Epoque" - Artglorieux Gallery of Tokyo, Ginza Group exhibition "KIRINJI 2020" - gallery UG Tennoz, Tokyo Group exhibition "laissez-faire" - gallery UG Tennoz, Tokyo
2019 Solo exhibition ('18 '17 '16 '14 '12) - gallery UG, Tokyo
2017 3-person exhibition “Sunday Concerto” - iart Gallery (Aishang Art Gallery), Hsinchu, Taiwan
2014 Solo exhibition - ouchi gallery, New York
2014 Special Exhibition “Laissez-faire” - Ueno Royal Museum Gallery, Ueno

[Art fair]
ONE ART TAIPEI('22 '21 '20 '19 ) - The Sherwood Taipei, Taipei
ART EXPO MALAYSIA PLUS, - Matrade Exhibition & Convention Center,
kuala lumpur
ART FORMOSA - Eslite Hotel, Taipei Art Fair Asia Fukuoka -Hotel Okura Fukuoka etc., Fukuoka Kobe Art Marche - Kobe Meriken Park Oriental Hotel, Kobe
the art fair +plus-ultra 2016 - Spiral Garden, Aoyama
Many other exhibits both domestically and internationally

【the work】

dallas codeho

Acrylic paint (panel)
H 364×W257(mm)

sheep factory

Acrylic paint (panel)

sparrow and pet

Acrylic paint, paper, ink (panel)

Soup Party ~Meetings of similar people~

Acrylic paint (panel)

List of works by Junko Asano▽


[Exhibition view]

While the various animals are depicted with a gentle touch reminiscent of a picture book or fairy tale, there are also interesting works that have a somewhat lonely feel to them.

This work depicts sparrows with six different appearances.
Please take a look at each one carefully.

[Staff comment]

The calming colors and the human-like creatures are reminiscent of fairy tales! The unique worldview and slightly eerie expressions of the animals have a mysterious charm that draws you in ✨Please come and see the real thing! (Mogi)

[Exhibition information]

art remix

Remix refers to the re-editing of a work, or a re-edited work, but here I would like it to be understood in the sense of re-examining an existing work from a new perspective. The modern art scene is rapidly changing, and values ​​are constantly being updated. Looking at works from a new perspective and looking at them from a current perspective can lead to new discoveries. Please enjoy how this exhibition will be reflected to Shibuya's audience, who continue to be drawn to the "now".

▼Exhibiting artists

Kunihiko Nohara | Kyoomi Tajima | Mikako Takahashi | Junko Asano

Ryosuke Kabira | Nobuko Numano | Hitomi Oshima | Gekko Numata | Kana Uchida

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Address: Shibuya Scramble Square Shop & Restaurant 14F

(150-0002 2-24-12 Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo)

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