[Artist introduction] Sawadamoko

Introducing “SYNESTHESIA” artist Moko Sawada


Born in 1990, currently living in Osaka Prefecture.
With the theme of "created things," he uses oil paintings to depict characters that incorporate the "glitches" of image files and 3D objects.
In order to explore the relationship between creation and space, in recent years he has been creating not only character paintings but also landscape paintings on map apps.

■Solo Exhibition
“Escape and Reward” (Art Gallery Shirokane 6c / Tokyo)
“coexistence with collapse” (LIGHTHOUSE GALLERY / Tokyo)
“LEFTOVERS” (Jiro Miura Gallery bis/Tokyo)
“Virtual Paradise Project” (SUNABA Gallery / Osaka)
"🔴🔵REC." (Salon Mosaic / Osaka)
"Breaking FIREWALL" (Art Complex Center / Tokyo)
“METAGRAMED” (Shinjuku Ophthalmology Gallery/Tokyo)
"assaisonnement" (Aruka → Aruka / Osaka)
"Re: Install" (Shinjuku Ophthalmology Gallery / Tokyo)

■Group Exhibition
“Japanese Art Exhibition” (GALLERY JO YANA / France)
“Two Dimensional School” (Daikanyama Hillside Forum, N&A art SITE/Tokyo)
Contemporary Tokyo Group Exhibition (Contemporary Tokyo / Tokyo)
Contemporary Tokyo Beijing Group Exhibition (Contemporary Tokyo Beijing / Beijing, China)
“Post kawaii Ⅳ” (SUNABA Gallery / Osaka)
“BEYOND” (333 Gallery Taipei / Taiwan)
"Shirokane February" (Art Gallery Shirokane 6c / Tokyo)
“SHOWCASE:comic & ART 2022” (Atelier Mizuki/Osaka)
“Atelier March Year End Exhibition 2021” (Atelier March/Osaka)
“Winter Small Works Exhibition” (SUNABA Gallery / Osaka)
"Japan Group Show" (GALLERY JO YANA / France)
“Ura kawaii” (SUNABA Gallery / Osaka)
“Umaibo x CREATORS Exhibition” (Theatre 1010, Gallery BC/Tokyo)
“Discovery of Landscape” (SUNABA Gallery / Osaka)
“Pure Character Criticism” (SUNABA Gallery / Osaka)
“FLAG” (Atelier Mizuki/Osaka)
TEAM-TAN 5th Anniversary Exhibition (Art Complex Center/Tokyo)
The same traveling exhibition (Noisy Gini Riding Jite / Osaka)
"CandyBox" (SUNABA Gallery / Osaka)
Sojiro 2nd Anniversary Exhibition “#2” 1st period (Soujiro / Hyogo)
"FROM KAWAII ART - Overturn The Stereotypes. -" (GALLERY FREAK OUT / Tokyo)
"Switch - Singleness / Relationship -" (SUNABA Gallery / Osaka)
“Art Competition Tatsucon” (Gallery Tatsuya/Aichi)
“ZEROTEN” (Gallery Tatsuya/Aichi)
“199x⁵ (Kyuex 5)” (Art Complex Center / Tokyo)
"PARIS CHIC ROOM" (MASON D'ART Paris / Paris, France)
"SUNABA POP" (SUNABA Gallery / Osaka)
"UTOPIA 3" (Art Complex Center / Tokyo)
"Art Stream 2015" (Daimaru Shinsaibashi Store / Osaka)
“10 years passed without thinking about anything…” Exhibition (Shinjuku Ophthalmology Gallery/Tokyo)
Akiko Yosano Birth Art Festival Exhibition (Hotel Sunroute Sakai, Sanyu Urban Development Lobby/Osaka)
“Trans Efusion 03 (first half)” (Shinjuku Ophthalmology Gallery/Tokyo)
“Miracle Meme” (Shinjuku Ophthalmology Gallery/Tokyo)
“Trans Efusion 02 Drawing Exhibition” (Shinjuku Ophthalmology Gallery/Tokyo)
Group exhibition “Colorful” (Otori Christ Grace Church / Osaka)
Three-person exhibition “Colorful” (Otori Christ Grace Church / Osaka)
pixkiki Analog Exhibition 3rd “Analog Room” (Hidari Zingaro, Kaikiki Zingaro / Tokyo)
“Hatsune Miku pixiv×Kaikaikiki Gallery Exhibition” (in “SNOW MIKU for SAPPORO 2011” / Hokkaido)
“Oil Shock! (0000Fest)” (Hidari Zingaro / Tokyo)
"wassyoi#" (0000Gallery / Kyoto)
“¥2010Exhibition Final at Daimaru Shinsaibashi” (Daimaru Shinsaibashi store / Osaka)

■Art Fair Art Fair
KIAF SEOUL (Exhibited from Gallery Irritum Tokyo) (Korea)
ART TAICHUNG (Exhibited from 333 Gallery) (Taiwan)
ART BUSAN (Exhibited from Gallery Irritum Tokyo) (Korea)
Metasequoia Kyomachibori Art Fair (Osaka)

Guangzhou Art Fair (exhibited by Contemporary Tokyo) (China)
ART TAICHUNG (Exhibited from 333 Gallery) (Taiwan)
ART OSAKA 2017 (Exhibited by Sojiro) (Osaka)

【the work】

``Cheat Bug'' allows you to enjoy characters and backgrounds changing to unpredictable movements, shapes, and colors due to rewriting the game's program or information in the system, causing a physical connection failure in the software, or a bug in the program itself. I was inspired to create this series after watching a video in the genre "Corruption."
Bugs in the game are beyond the control of the characters themselves. You probably won't even notice. Each of them is made to ``exist'' on the game screen with its strange movements and shapes.

In recent years, the use of 3D technology in games and anime has become commonplace, and in recent years, with the boom in social games and Vtubers, it seems like not a day goes by that young people don't see 3D characters.
With the advancement of VR technology, 3D characters with mass in the space inside the screen give us a sense of reality and are closer to reality than the flat world of manga and 2D animation. Makes me feel like I have become.
However, characters are nothing more than programmed data. An existence that can be created, destroyed, and erased by someone. As if to point out this fact, the characters depicted in his works exist ``broken''. Sharply pointed hair and arms, deformed and distorted clothes and faces. They are created on a flat surface using oil paint to create colored surfaces with texture.

oil on canvas
oil on canvas
Drawing 10 to make it “something that never happened”
charcoal on cardboard

List of works by Moko Sawadamo▽


[Exhibition view]

The futuristic feel matches the Shibuya sky in the background!

It's interesting to see the characters continue to sing while being distorted.

This is a fresh piece of work drawn on cardboard.


[Staff comment]

The characters that entertain us in the online world may seem perfect to us, but this work expresses the emptiness of being ``just data.''
On the other hand, the characters drawn are cute and you can enjoy their imbalance. (Kawahara)


[Exhibition information]


This exhibition brings together 10 diverse and up-and-coming artists with the aim of allowing viewers to update their sensibilities and foster new values ​​through art. "SYNESTHESIA" in the exhibition title refers to the sense of sensing colors in letters and sounds, and sensing shapes in tastes and smells. We hope that the diverse expressions woven by these 10 artists will give you an opportunity to discover something within you.


▼Exhibiting artists

neuronoa | buggy | Kenichi Sugimoto | Tomohiro Shimizu | IKU→

Otakiyo | Maki Adachi | Nakamura Woru | Moko Sawada | Jun Suzuki

*Please refer to each artist's SNS for dates when they will be in the gallery.

Business hours: October 31, 2022 (Monday) to November 13, 2022 (Sunday) 10:00 - 21:00

*Business hours may change due to the influence of the new coronavirus. Please check the official website from time to time.

free entrance


Event overview: https://neuronoa.com/exhibition/synesthesia4/

Address: Shibuya Scramble Square Shop & Restaurant 14F

(150-0002 2-24-12 Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo)

Access: 30 seconds to 1 minute each from JR Shibuya Station (Yamanote Line, Shonan-Shinjuku Line), Tokyo Metro Shibuya Station (Fukutoshin Line, Hanzomon Line, Ginza Line), Tokyu Line Shibuya Station (Toyoko Line, Denentoshi Line)

Works can be purchased and will also be sold online during the period!

+ART Online Store: https://pls-art-shop.com/

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