[Interview] Tristan Wu

Introducing an interview video with Taiwanese artist Tristan Wu, a contemporary artist who is attracting attention primarily in art centers such as France and Taiwan .

For this solo exhibition, I had the opportunity to shoot an interview video!

You can hear various stories about the production of works 😳

I would like everyone to get a feel for Tristan Wu's worldview, which will be his first solo exhibition in Japan! On top of that, if you check out my work, I think you'll enjoy it even more!

*Japanese translation text is inserted in the video, so please take a look!

[Full text Japanese translation]

Regarding this first exhibition in Japan

Hello, my name is Tristan. I am very happy to be able to hold my first solo exhibition in Japan at +Art Gallery in Tokyo. In this exhibition, I will be displaying my latest series, Workers, as well as my previous generation, classics, and my horde. We plan to exhibit mainly large-format works on military canvas. I want to impress you with my Baby Colossus! I'm sure it'll be cool.

The meaning of drawing this work

As I will introduce from now on, I would like you to understand that my sense of beauty is a straightforward pursuit of splendor, impact, strength, and power, as seen from my own eyes. think. For me, each of my paintings should be a spectacle, a theatrical and intense emotional discharge, like a machine gun. Quite a bit. No matter what the subject is. Otherwise, it wouldn't be a competition, it would be a blend, and it doesn't make sense to me.

Regarding expression in works

I have created many stories to help guide my process. It started with one character. He's a very violent, incredibly absurd, but in a way a completely free character. I call him "Hysterical Mitch" and describe his journey through anger. They glorified him by creating an army in his image and giving them a huge advantage in numbers. I really drew a lot of troops. A lot of troops! It became like an obsession. Then, the more you make something, the more you start to see some sort of system or structure. Therefore, I imagine that this world itself is a doppelganger of our world. And within that absurd world, mega-companies come to dominate and provide everything the world needs to exist. It's the same as our world. It's the same as the real world. That's why "Wu Tech Industries" is the company I founded.

About The Workers series

I am in the image of a mass or aggregation of the same individuals.

I love the aesthetic depiction of strength and power. It gives a certain sense of peace and security, and at the same time, if you paint it well, it can become a magnificent and beautiful landscape. Workers are a new generation in this regard, and they are also bees in the hive, my "Wu Tech Industries". I'm giving them a form of behavior that speaks to some sort of march or movement or expansion. Their functions are unknown and undetermined, as the white bar on their backs says. However, they are within the framework of my "Wu Tech Industries". Just as I want to grow my artistic presence in this competitive world, I want to grow my company.


The Show

Hi, I'm Tristan. I am very happy to have my very first solo exhibition in Japan, in Tokyo, at Gallery +Art! In this exhibition, I will be showing my latest series, Workers, as well as my previous generations, my classics, my grand armies! There will be mostly big formats on military canvas. I want to impress you with my baby colossus! It'll be really cool!

The imagery

As you will be introduced into the show, I want you to understand that I display a sense of aestheticism that is, in my eyes and my own way, in the pursuit of splendidness, impact, strength and power, as straightforward as possible. For me, each of my paintings should be a spectacle, a theatrical and strong discharge of emotion, like a machine gun. Pretty much. Whatever the subject. Otherwise, it wouldn't be competitive, it'd be blend, and it would make no sense to me.

The vessel

I've created lots of narratives to serve as guides to my process. It started off as just one character, so violent and so unbelievably absurd, but in a way completely free. I call him Hysterical Mitch and his journey of getting pissed off. Then I glorified him by creating armies in his image to give him a sort of a great advantage in numbers. I really painted a lot of armies. A lot of armies! It's become an obsession. Then, the more I make them, the more some sort of system or structure turns out to be. So I kind of imagine it's a whole world itself, a doppelganger to our world. And in this absurd world, a mega company comes to dominate and supply everything that world needs to exist. It's just like our world really. It's just like the real world. Hence, Wu Tech Industries, my foundation.

The workers

I love the aesthetic portrayal of strength and power in the image of mass and collectiveness of the same individual. It gives me some sort of comfort and a sense of security and in the same time, it's a magnificent and beautiful landscape if I apply the colors right. The workers are the new generation of this regard and also the bees to the hive, my Wu Tech Industries. I give them a certain marching or moving or even behaving formation that tells expansion. Their functions, just as the blank white bars on their backs say, are unknown or undecided. They can be whatever they want to be, however, they are still under the framework of my Wu Tech Industries. I want to grow my company just as I want to grow my art presence in this competitive world.

[Exhibition information]

■PROFILE:Tristan Wu

Tristan Wu humorously recreates scenes of domination and rebellion in fragmentary episodes, imbued with joyful anger, and creates a world of conquerors, finding happiness through a fictional organization. Whether as an emperor, an army commander, a company CEO, or just an athlete, this perfect anti-heroic hysteria becomes the misambique of modern struggles: war, memory, sport, technology, style, education. .

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