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9 Posters (repost) Participating artists
I would like to introduce Takehide Niitsugu's comments.

(*Image work)
Biwa lake
Takehide Niitsubo
inkjet print
84.1×59.4 cm


《Soundscape project_Hayama》(2006-2016)
This poster was created from a photo taken during the production process of the video work. The starting point for this video work is a sound file that was field recorded at 17:50 on September 14, 2006, of the soundscape of the cape in front of the imperial residence in Isshiki, Hayama-cho, Kanagawa Prefecture. Exactly 10 years after I recorded this sound, I went to the same cape and filmed the video, and by layering the two materials, I was able to create a 10-year subjective experience through the 10-year gap between sound and video. are integrated into one work.

《Lake Biwa》(2017)
This poster was created by selecting one photo from a portfolio consisting of three photos.
The portfolio consists of one landscape photograph taken for the magazine ``SWITCH'' and two portrait photographs of young actors. The landscape photos were taken on the shores of Lake Biwa, which was the filming location, the day before the portraits were taken. Then, the next day, I revisit the exact same location to take portraits.

Takehide Niitsubo


Takehide Niitsubo
1968 Born in Tokyo
Completed doctoral course at Tokyo University of the Arts, Graduate School of Fine Arts. Doctor of Fine Arts.
He creates works using photographs, videos, drawings, etc.

Major solo exhibitions
"Liquid _Turpentine" Youkobo (Tokyo)
"Archives / Margins / Architecture
"Sony Imaging Gallery Ginza (Tokyo)

"Chernobyl Materials "On Sundays (Tokyo)
"/Scenery+" Hillside Forum (Tokyo)
"Spring Ephemeral" FOIL gallery (Tokyo)
"Rugged Time Scape" FOIL gallery (Tokyo)
"Memory" NaDiff (Tokyo)

Main group exhibitions
"Saitama International Art Festival " Saitama City (Saitama)
"The Birth of an Art Space Connected to the Earth by Kengo Kuma - Super Construction of Stone and Wood" Kadokawa Musashino Museum (Saitama)
"9 Posters" TALION GALLERY (Tokyo)
"Tokyo Independent" Tokyo University of the Arts, University Art Museum Chinretsukan (Tokyo)
"I tried making a book - Artist book production and exhibition - ARTISTS' BOOK EXHIBITION
SENDAI⇄TOKYO Chapter 1" NADiff a/p/ar (RF)
"Object manipulation" statements (Tokyo)
"Northern Alps International Art Festival" Omachi City (Nagano)

“Japan Media Arts Festival Participating Projects in Overseas Media Arts Festivals Singapore Special Exhibition
Landscapes: New vision through multiple windows"
Japan Creative Center (Singapore)
"Complex Topography - Garden (Global Art Joint Curriculum Tokyo University of the Arts x Central Saint Martins, University of the Arts London) Special Place of Scenic Beauty Ritsurin Garden (Kagawa)
Hiroshi Isoya + Takehide Niitsubo "Sequence" HAGISO / HAGIART Yanaka (Tokyo)
"Another Room | Where technology and art photography intersect"
"Taro or Alice's liquid" Tokyo University of the Arts, Faculty of Fine Arts, Painting Building, Three-dimensional Studio/Oil Painting Gallery (Tokyo)
"Only the camera knows everything" TALION GALLERY (Tokyo)
"Records and Memories | transcripts/memories" KANA KAWANISHI GALLERY (Tokyo)

“Cryptobiosis: Seeds of the World”
Selasar Sunaryo Art Space (Bandung)
"Future City Fukushima Exhibition - Ruins and Imagination, Faculty of Engineering Building 14, Hongo Campus, University of Tokyo (Tokyo)
"The Future as Possible Water (Commons)" German Cultural Center (Tokyo)
"Experimental Cinema" Yokohama Triennale related project (Kanagawa)
"Dojima River Biennale" Dojima River Forum (Osaka)
"Japan Media Arts Festival Dortmund Exhibition 2011" Dortmund U (Dortmund)
"14th Japan Media Arts Festival" National Art Center, Tokyo (Tokyo)
"126POLAROID Exhibition" Yokohama Museum of Art Art Gallery (Kanagawa)
"Invisible Gaze" gallery Do (Tokyo)
"Sound & Vision"ZAIM (Kanagawa)
"Lisbon Architecture Triennale" Architectural Tokyo in Photo Photography"
Travessa do Carvelho (Lisbon)


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9 Posters(repost)

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June 1, 2021 (Tue) - June 30, 2021 (Wed)
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