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Kerokumpu & Roumagnac with Nao Tanizawa

(*The image is an enlarged portion of Astrotrilogy)

Kerokumpu & Roumagnac with Nao Tanizawa inkjet print, paper


The poster work ``Astrotrilogy'' features three characters from three performance installations by the Finnish-French duo Kerokumpu & Roumagniak. This constellation series was produced and presented in Tokyo, Paris, and San Francisco from 2017 to 2019. This poster was created in collaboration with Japanese manga artist Nao Tanizawa, who has been collaborating with Kerokumpu & Roumagnac since the beginning of the project. The entire project of ``Astrotrilogy'' is a combination of butoh-like installations and Japanese manga publishing culture. This poster is a commissioned work produced by Yu Yamamoto for the "9 Posters" exhibition, but it is also an independent artifact belonging to "Astrotrilogy".

Simo Kerokumpu & Vincent Roumagnac

The art that Simo and Vincent express is something new that I have never been involved with before, and it is a constant process of trial and error, trying to figure out whether what I draw matches their image and whether I understand their intentions. And it's very exciting work. The poster work from such a series of works, ``Astral Trilogy'', is ``expressing existing works with posters'', which is a familiar expression to me as it is a little closer to the commercial movies that are closely related to manga.

Nao Tanizawa


[Author introduction]

Simo Kerokumpu
Born in Lapland (Finland) in 1972.
In 2019, he received a Doctorate of Fine Arts from Theater Academy Helsinki's Performing Arts Center.

Based in Helsinki, he is an artist, choreographer and researcher.
He creates works that interrogate the dance-like relationship between tangibility and materiality in various scales and contexts, which are born out of the intertwining of contemporary creative fiction, interplanetary culture, and queering spaces. He has collaborated with French writer and researcher Vincent Roumagnac since 2010.

Vincent Roumagnac was born in 1973 as a Frenchman of Basque descent. Active as an artist and researcher based in Helsinki and Paris.
He expresses himself through various forms such as installation, performance, and video. While following a curricular and interdisciplinary process implied by the connection between art and research, I focus on the ways in which the concept and practice of "stage" develops in conjunction with the state of the climate and technological environment.
Since 2010, he has collaborated with Finnish dancer Simo Kerokumpu and with French filmmaker Aurélie Petrel, who won the Villa Kujoyamaesidencprize in 2020. From 2016 to 2018, co-directed the research platform weSANK with Emmanuelle Chiappone-Piriou, an architect, curator, and researcher.

Naoki Tanizawa was born in Tokyo. Lives in Kawasaki City, Kanagawa Prefecture.
He started his career by publishing in the boy's manga magazine ``CoroCoro Comic'', and later serialized in girls' manga magazines such as ``Pyon Pyon'' and ``Ciao''. His representative works include the girls' manga "Legend of Love Angel Wedding Peach" (1994-1996, original work by Yuhiro Tomita), which was also made into an anime and published overseas, as well as "Shinku Area" (1988-2011), and the overseas work "NOZOMI". "Nozomi" (2003), "MIZUKI" (overseas remake of "Ghost Hunter MIZUKI!", 2010), "Moon and Blood" (2011-2014), etc. He has also held many workshops in Europe and the United States, and is currently in charge of a course on how to draw manga in English for international students at Manga School Nakano.
Collaborated with Simo Kerokumpu and Vincent Roumagnac at an exhibition at Tokyo Arts And Space Hongo in December 2018.


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