[Redfish / T-Shirts] Fish

by Redfish

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Redfish's new work "FISHIs a T -shirt printed.

* You can purchase at the online shop from July 1st.


Redfish is active mainly in Japan and South Korea. All art, music, and fashion are transmitted to the world through the world view created by Redfish World.

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[I can't do it, it's not transparent, long -lasting]
It is finished in a high -quality piece with three beats. "Double stitch" is used for sewing around the neck to achieve a durable neck. Even if you use it for many years, it will keep your neck properly.


[About the product]
cotton 100%

・ M (cm)
Length: 69 / Width: 52 / Shoulder width: 46 / Sleeve length: 20

・ L (cm)
Length: 77 / Width: 58 / Shoulder width: 50 / Sleeve length: 24

● Notes on products
example :
・ The size is measured in a flat place. Some errors may occur depending on the product.
・ Regarding the posted image (both products and model wear), it may look slightly different from the actual product depending on the shooting environment and the monitor. Please note.
・ Online purchases will be made to order completely. Please refer to "Delivery" below for delivery.
・ This product will be sold in [50 -wear only] based on the concept of "edition" of art works. We are numbering on the order of each T -shirt in order of order.

● About delivery
・ Scheduled to start shipping sequentially from late July 2021
・ It will be shipped in order of order, but it will take about 2 weeks to produce after receiving your order.
・ The delivery date cannot be specified.

● Other precautions
・ It is scheduled to be shipped in order of order, but it may take some time to deliver or ship it, such as delay of production or concentration of orders. Please note.
・ The order is confirmed after payment is confirmed.
・ We do not accept orders from overseas.
・ Please note that the product that has been ordered once cannot be canceled, replaced, changed, or returned.
・ We do not accept returns for customers other than defective products.
・ Because the product image is an image, the color may differ from the actual product. Please note.


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