Ryo Kikuchi / RYO KIKUCHI

Born in Aomori Prefecture in 1991. He is a doctoral course at the Tokyo University of Tsugata University Graduate School. He created the "VOID" series that uses the visual effect of changing the appearance of the work at the appreciation position to try to express the ephemeral, unable to reach, and phenomena.

Solo exhibition
2019 "Outlines" eukaryote (Tokyo)
2017 "Non -(Delivery)" Frantic Gallery (Tokyo)

Group exhibition
2021 "Eukaryote Group Show2021" Eukaryote (Tokyo)
"BORN NEW ART" Shibuya Scramble Square (Tokyo)
"APPROPRIATE DISTANCE" Ginza Tsutaya Bookstore Art Wall Gallery (Tokyo)
"Holbein Skara Sip Income Exhibition" Sato Museum (Tokyo)
"For Better (or) for Worse" Eukaryote (Tokyo)
"Visionary Vision" Medel Gallery Shu (Tokyo)
2019 "Piles on the clouds" Tokyo Model University (Tokyo)
"" Hope's Harbinger "Special Exhibition Keisuke Kazuki x Ryo Kikuchi Eukaryote (Tokyo)
"" Outlines "Special Exhibition Ryo Kikuchi x Keisuke Kazuki Exhibition EUKARYOTE (Tokyo)
"Ryo Kikuchi | Distance from Keisuke Kazuki Image" Kannai Bunko (Kanagawa)
"Tokyo College of Formation 5th Assistant Exhibition" Tokyo Tsuguri University (Tokyo)
"Things / Kari -Beyond Words to Wrest" Hillside Forum (Tokyo)
"Hello my name is ________" eukaryote (Tokyo)
2018 "RGB ++ 2018 EXHIBITION VOL.10" Tokyo College of Sculpture (Tokyo)
"Tokyo Chemical University 4th Assistant Exhibition" Tokyo Join University (Tokyo)
2017 "RGB+ 2017 EXHIBITION vol.9" Tokyo Join University (Tokyo)
"Derived trunk -Derivation from the trunk-" Sezon Art Gallery (Tokyo)
"ZOKEI Exhibition" Tokyo College of Sculpture (Tokyo)
2016 "UNKNOWNS 2016" indigo corridor (Tokyo)
"M polyphony 2016 -Hara (shape/type)" Tokyo Join University (Tokyo)
2015 "2015 Frantic Underlines" Frantic Gallery (Tokyo)
"Art Program Ome" Cafe (Tokyo)
"M Polyphony 2015 Angle" Tokyo College of Sculpture (Tokyo)
"2nd CAF Award Work Exhibition" Arts Chiyoda 3331 (Tokyo)
"Mother Back Seminar ABFLUG Exhibition" Arts Chiyoda 3331 (Tokyo)
"Turner AWARD 2014 Winners Exhibition" Turner Gallery (Tokyo, local patrol)
"ZOKEI Exhibition" Tokyo College of Sculpture (Tokyo)
2014 "Art Program Ome" Ome General High School (Tokyo)

Art fair
2017 "YIA Brussels Art Fair" Square - Brussels Meeting Center
"Positions Berlin Art Fair" Arena Berlin (Berlin)
2016 "Context NY" Pier 94 (New York)
"Pulse miami Beach" Indian Beach Park (Miami)

Commission work
2019 Musa Am Tower Kyobashi (10-15 floors, 17-22 floors, 23rd floor)

2021 Merck Skara Sip -Art Work with Merck 2021 Scholarship
2019 33rd Holbein Skalasip scholar
2017 "ZOKEI Exhibition" ZOKEI Award (Completion Production Excellent Award)
2015 "2nd CAF Award" won
"ZOKEI Exhibition" ZOKEI Award (Graduation Production Excellent Award)
2014 "Turner AWARD 2014" Future Award


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