Marie Nohara / MARIE NOHARA

From the sensual and ambiguous production process and questions about the thinking circuit when drawing, they are disassembled and reconstructed to produce paintings. She also expresses the structure of the thoughts of human relationships, social structures, and environment, which is interested in collaboration experience with others, and the structure of time accumulation. She also investigates and referring to the history of archeological sites and murals, which has been constructed while repeating human destruction and rebuilding, and aims for paintings that are certainly present while accepting changes and extensions.

Born in 1987 in Osaka
2012 Royal College of Art (Visual Communication) Exchange Study abroad
2013, Kyoto City University of Arts Graduate School of Art, Graduate School of Art, Painting Director

2021 HIKARIE CONTEMPORARY ART EYE vol.15 Curation "Future of Art" Shibuya Hikarie 8 / CUBE1,3 / Tokyo
Osaka Prefecture 20th Century Art Collection Exhibition "His Picture" Osaka Prefectural Enojima Cultural Art Creation Center (ENOCO) / Osaka

2020 exhibitions "Buried form, change scenery" Aomori Public University International Art Center Aomori / Aomori
Solo exhibition "Surprisingly beautiful on the way" Hirakata City Gotenyama Lifelong Learning Art Center / Osaka
"Neated confusion" Gallery town / Tokyo
"International Contemporary Art Project Ulsan" Wall Gallery / Ulsan / Korea

2019 "Asuka Art Village 2019 Morning" / Nara Prefectural Manyo Cultural Museum Observation Lobby / Nara
Workshop / exhibition "Painting with various tools, long, long -lasting paintings" Tokyo Arts and Space Residency / Tokyo
"Yui Port's Artist in Residence Invitation Program 2019 Spring" Exhibition Yui Port (Niigata City Art Creation Village/International Youth Center)/Niigata

2018 "WHERE ARE You Taking US to?" Space One / Soul / South Korea
"Location of Painting" 500m Museum / Hokkaido
Warcop production exhibition "Monochrome Recreation" Kobe Art Village Center / Hyogo

2017 Exhibition "If □ △ is piled up, it will be ◯" Amalabu art lab (A-LAB) / Hyogo
Shimomachi Art Festival 2017 "Dialogue on the Borderline" Komagabayashi 1 -chome Southern Nagaya / Hyogo
Solo exhibition "Story over Black" Niigata City Niitsu Museum of Art Citizen Gallery / Niigata
"Gunma Youth Biennale 2017" Gunma Prefectural Museum of Modern Art / Gunma

2020 "Open Call: Call for Open" Aomori International Art Center Aomori
2019 "Asuka Art Village 2019" Asuka Village, Nara Prefecture
"Yui Port Artist in Residence Invitation Program 2019 Spring" Yui Port (Niigata City Art Creation Village / International Youth Center)
Investigate the 2018 West Indian workshop (Maharana Studio, Swami Art, Jaipur Woodcut Sarasa Kobo, etc.)
2015,2018 "Sapporo Tenjin Mountain Art Studio" Hokkaido


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