Kenichiro Fukumoto / KENICHIRO FUKUMOTO

Born in Hiroshima Prefecture in 1986. In 2014, he completed the Master's Program at the Graduate School of Art, Tokyo University of the Arts. Currently, he produces paintings and sculptures based in Tokyo.

He is inspired by the shapes and colors of various ethnic tapestry, soil and microorganisms, houseplants around the body, and colors, and think about the relationship between the creation of humanity and nature from ancient times. I am making it while blessing.

In recent years, it has been a combination of wooden paper and Japanese paper for paintings, a tree that has passed the time of driftwood and old wood, and a different material and texture of pottery that has been crafted with soil.

Solo exhibition
2020 Ametsuchi no Kake Totsuwa (SFT Gallery/National New Art Center)
2019 pieces (GRENIER/Tokyo)
2017 LIST SATHEBY'S featured by kenichiro fukumoto
2015 Tokyo Wonder Site Emaging (Tokyo Wonder Site Shibuya/Tokyo)
Tokyo Wonder Wall (Tokyo Metropolitan Government 1st Headquarters 3F South Side Aerial Train/Tokyo)
2014 Dear Friends (Jikka/Tokyo)
2013 solo exhibition (Kizuki + LIM/Singapore)

Group exhibition
2021 Yanbaru Art Festival (Okinawa Main Island area Ogimi Village Former Shioyamura Havenous School/Okinawa)
2019 Blum & PoE (3331art Fair/Tokyo)
2018-19 Yanbaru Art Festival (Okinawa Main Island area Ogimi Village Former Shioyamura Havenous School/Okinawa)
2017 Scenary Poem by Kenichiro Fukumoto X Stephen Wong Chun Hei
(Project Fulfill Art Space/Taipei)
After images ... (iPrecigation/Singapore)
2014 Art Award Tokyo Marunouchi 2014 (Yukiyuki Underground Gallery/Tokyo)
2013 Cross Encounter: a Collaboration of Artists from Singapore and Japan
(Japan Creative Center/Singapore)
2010 BRUTUS X HIDARI Zingaro (Hidari Zingaro/Tokyo)
Contemporary Art Exhibition of Contemporary Arts, PRODUCED by X (KAIKAI KIKI GALLERY/Tokyo)

History of awards
2014 Art Award Tokyo Marunouchi 2014 Imamura Yakuho Award
Tokyo Wonder Wall Award

Artist in -residence
2016 Na Art House Jakarta (Indonesia)
KUNCH Jogakarta (Indonesia)


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