Hitomi Ono / Hitomi Ono

An art writer. Born in 1993. She is from Tokyo.
In 2018, she completed the Master's Program in Master's Program at Musashino Art University Graduate School of Arts.
She is currently producing in an atelier in Tokyo.
She uses transparent materials such as chemical fibers and silk for her support, and produces her painting by conveying the mixed -colored clothing cloth and retaining.

[Solo exhibition]
2021. Hitomi Ono Exhibition "DILLY-DALLY" Space2*3/Nihonbashi
2019. Shinjuku Creators Festa 2019 "Bi -Havi _bihavior" Hiltopia Art Square/Shinjuku
Hitomi Ono Exhibition "Whether or not" Space2*3/Nihonbashi
2018. Ikebukuro Art Gathering Yusuke Kitajima Production Planning Hitomi Ono exhibition Riviera Cafe GREEN STYLE/Ikebukuro
Hitomi Ono Exhibition "Corresponding Mitsumetsu" Art Space 88/National
Roppongi α Art Week "Hitomi Ono Exhibition" Roppongi 605 Gallery/Roppongi
2017. "Shaking Fudo Yutafuchi" Montano-Libro (Montano Libro)/Funabashi
2016. Opening of Gallery 35th Anniversary Hitomi Ono Molly Exhibition "Exit the Rainbow and Touch Rain" Art Space 88/National

[Group exhibition]
2021. "Let's go to the gallery 2021" Nishiogikubo selection
Kiyosu City 10th Haruhi Painting Triennale Kiyosu City Haruhi Museum of Art / Aichi Selected
2021 Space2*3 handling writer small goods exhibition Space2*3/Nihonbashi
2020. "Let's go to the gallery 2020" Nishiogikubo selection
Ikebukuro Art Gathering Open Call Exhibition "IAG AWARDS 2020" Tokyo Art Theater/Ikebukuro
2019. 2019 Space2*3/TK GALLERY handling writer small goods exhibition Space2*3/Nihonbashi
2018. "Slide, Flip, and Turn / Slide Flip and Turn -7 Artist Book Exhibition-" Musashino Art University Library Library Large Stairs / Kodaira
"(Win) Kamiyama Foundation Art Support Program 4th Graduation Results Exhibition" Fei Art Museum YOKOHAMA/Yokohama
"Graduated from 2016 Musashino Art University Faculty of Art Sculpture, Department of Oil Painting, Yuji Akatsuka Class Volunteer Exhibition" Galley Juie/Koenji
"Let's go to the gallery 2018" Yokawa/Nishiogikubo selection
Ikebukuro Art Gathering Ikebukuro Music Art Exhibition Tokyo Art Theater/Ikebukuro
2017. "Let's go to the gallery 2017" Yokawa/Nishiogikubo Yokazu Otsu/Shiga selection
"Bonfire Kai Bonfire Meeting" Koganei Art Spot Chateau 2F/Musashi Koganei
"Gyuga -Middle -Japan Youth Handsome Party Exhibition" Gallery/Shanghai
"Mitsubishi Corporation Art Gate Program 34th Charity Auction Listing Works Exhibition" EYE OF GYRE/Omotesando selected
2016. "RIKEN Exhibition Project 2016" RIKEN Yokohama Campus/Yokohama
Inter Art 7 Selection "Art in the Room" Anoro Gallery/Otsuka
"Mitsubishi Corporation Art Gate Program 30/31 Charity Auction Display Works Exhibition" EYE OF GYRE/Omotesando selected
"Wonder Seed 2016" Tokyo Wonder Site Shibuya/Shibuya winning

2018. Japan Student Support Organization First Type 1 Scholarship 2017 Exemption (Full) Certification (Full)
2017 Musashino Art University Graduation / Completion Production Laboratory Award
2017. 80th Anniversary Musashino Art University Graduate School Master's Program Recognition Ceremony
The 32nd Holbein Skalash Sk scholarship certification
2016. Kamiyama Foundation Art Support Program 3rd Phase
Moriya Ikueikai Training Encouragement Award

[Public collection]
Ikueikai Moriya
Charm Suite Kyodo

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