Eri Fukuda / ERI FUKADA

What you draw in the picture is not a reality, the inner world.
Reality is sometimes subject to fear. I started creating a world that is not in reality to escape from it.
For me, society will be a hard time living, but I have to be involved in living. My work is completed from the conflict that causes coexistence with society.

1998 Born in Tokyo
2013 Graduated from Musashino Art University Faculty of Arts, Department of Oil Painting Oil Painting Major
2015 Musashino Art University Graduate School of Arts Graduate School of Art Painting Course Completed

Solo exhibition
2018 When you touch the world, therefore Tokyo Arts and Space Hongo Tokyo
2016, Sakuragi Gallery Tokyo
2014 World Sakuragi Gallery Tokyo Tokyo
Group exhibition
2020 stones dive, wooden leaves swim GFAL Tokyo
Art Project TAKASAKI Jiko Street Maruzen Daiichi Building Daily Yamazaki Gunma
2019 Find Your Art for Christmas Marueido JAPAN Tokyo
3331art Fair 2019 3331 ARTS CHIYODA Tokyo
Night Shijima Sakuragi Gallery Tokyo
2018 August Dream Atelier Doropp Saitama
Wonder Seed 2018 Tokyo Arts and Space Hongo Tokyo
2017 Bankart Lifeⅴ Tourism BANKART STUDIO NYK Kanagawa
Gunma Youth Biennale 2017 Gunma Prefectural Museum of Modern Art Gunma
2016 FACE2016 Sompo Japan Nipponkoa Art Award Exhibition Sompo Japan Nipponkoa Museum of Art Tokyo

Wonder Seed 2016 Tokyo Wonder Site Shibuya Tokyo
2015 Tokyo Wonder Wall Open call for 2015 Selected works
2014 Sato International Cultural Ikuei Foundation 23rd Scholarship Art Exhibition Sato Museum of Art Tokyo
2013 Shell Art Award 2013 National New Art Center Tokyo
RIKEN Exhibition Project Rite Yokohama Office Kanagawa
    Art Award Tokyo Marunouchi 2013 Gyoyuki Underground Gallery Tokyo
2012 Scenery Shinjuku Ophthalmology Gallery Tokyo
2010 No GO! Sagamihara Citizen Gallery Kanagawa

2017 32nd Holbaines Color Sip Holbine
2015 Musashino Art University Graduation / Completion Production Exhibition 2015 Laboratory Award Musashino Art University Tokyo
     Musashino Art University Graduate School of Fine Doctoral Course Encouragement Scholarship Musashino Art University Tokyo
2014     Kamiyama Foundation Art Support Program Kamiyama Foundation Tokyo
     Sato International Cultural Ikuei Foundation 23rd Scholarship Student Sato International Cultural Ikuei Foundation Tokyo
2013 Musashino Art University Academy Musashino Art University Sankai Tokyo

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