Born in Asakura City, Fukuoka Prefecture

      A painter and model based in Fukuoka.

      He has created many impressive murals and murals (mural art) that are loved by many people, and has expanded his activities to other prefectures, and in 2018 he also created murals in Taiwan.

      In 2019 and 2022, he will perform live painting at the SUMMER SONIC Osaka venue, TRIANGLE'19, and Fukuoka Motor Show 2019. “Beasty Crafting” at Hakata Marui

      He has been running an art shop for about half a year and is the store manager.In addition, he has participated in solo and group exhibitions at facilities such as VIVRE, Laforet Harajuku, Matsuzakaya, and PARCO, and has been involved in production activities such as live painting and collaboration items. Be active.

      From 2019 to the present, Beasty Crafting has also opened at Tenjin Christmas Market.

      He is also developing his own original goods brand "GiMME".

      I particularly like hard rock music, and was inspired by it.I specialize in poisonous and dark illustrations with a rock taste, but I also create works that suit various tastes.

      As of 2022, he is also active as a painter with 50,000 followers on the popular live distribution tool 17LIVE, appearing in and collaborating with artists' video works.

      <Exhibition history (partial)>

      2022 New Year Live Paint in Oita OPA
      ・262 Fruits Style Outside Mural in Fukuoka ・Participated in the 9th Dynamic Contemporary Artists Exhibition in Asian Art Museum ・Group Exhibition "Girls Art Collection" in Meitetsu Department Store ・Group Exhibition "Creators Market" in Matsuzakaya Nagoya Store ・Crepe Specialty Store CHAN RIA "Exterior Mural in Kumamoto, Shibuya Gallery Le Deco Group Exhibition "CUOOL" Exhibited at Yurakucho OIOI, Shinjuku OIOI ANNEX - Live painting appearance at SUMMER SONIC 2022 Osaka venue - Lancers "New Way of Working LAB" Fukuoka Remote Island DX Mural at Nokojima Produced by Harry Gakoma presents “Zukoku” in gallery LUMO
      ・Performed in live painting at the Asakura Koyo High School Cultural Festival ・Exhibited at the 10th Dynamic Contemporary Artists Exhibition in the National Art Center, Tokyo ・Acquired sleeve design rights for 17LIVE's first compilation album ・Mural inside Bar QUEEN, Ueno, Tokyo

      2023 Solo exhibition "dolly's EXHIBITION" in Outlet Cafe (Osaka)
      ・Group exhibition "Girls Art Collection" in Nagoya Mitsukoshi Sakae store ・Solo exhibition "dolly's EXHIBITION" in FM Koza (Okinawa)

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