Digital Real Exhibition -Digital Real Exhittion-

In recent years, "digital x art" with the appearance of WEB3.0, such as the animation of illustrators active on the trendy MV, issuing digital works by NFT and giving a certificate function on Twitter. It has been. In the past, art was mainly owned by real world lines, but at this time it has been digitized art and owned and exhibited in metaberse space.

While the recognition that "the work created on the digital is art is art?", We believe that all of them are art. Art is also a collection of collections, but it also gives you richness and attachment, and we believe that it will be effective in analog world lines.

Therefore, this time, we will announce the digital art produced in a real venue in an exhibition format, and hold the "Digital Real Exhibition" in analog. We want to create digital art in real life and create opportunities for more people to enjoy art and art through the opportunity to present them as art works.

・ Digital data is received from participating writers, printing as a high -end printed work, framed
・ Limited to 30 copies of each, sold as an edition work (with various signature)
・ Some writers who are active on digital will be in the corridor.
* Please refer to the SNS of each writer on the corridor day.

▼ Exhibited writer: The exhibition period is divided into the first and second semesters.

YAS | Blue scales, Waishu, perennial mourning, 5151.

NAKAKAKI PANTZ, 100 years, Kazuki Okaki, Mumena

Business hours: June 20, 2022 (Monday) to July 17 (Sun), Business Hours 10: 00-21: 00
* There is a possibility that business hours may be changed due to the influence of the new colonavirus. Please check from the official website at any time.

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If you have a purchase, we will communicate carefully with the writer and consider the optimal delivery for customers. Depending on the work/product, the delivery date (arrival date) will be different, but we will contact you.

Regarding collaboration with the writer

Inquiries regarding collaboration (packages, planning, exhibition, etc.) with the published writer are welcome. First of all, please contact us for any content.