Ainjo Aine Aine Joe

Cut out the moment of the person and spin vivid colors. The overlapping of the stroke flows through the screen and shines as if capturing the light. Are you drawing the other person or myself? Depending on the direction of the brush, the face changes the expression and melts into the metallic sparkle. He chooses colors while facing the screen, and is exploring the floating feeling of paintings by feeling sprinting, frustration, and lightness.

1994 Born in Osaka Prefecture
2017 Graduated from Kyoto Municipal University of Arts, Faculty of Art, Art Painting Major
2017 32nd Holbein Skalasip scholar
2017 Kyoto Bank Art Support System scholarship
2019 Kyoto City University of Arts Graduate School of Art, Graduate School of Art, Master's Program Painting Director

・ Independent exhibition
2017 Melt Mel (Gallery, Kyoto)
2018 Mel Neon (Shibata Gallery / Osaka)
2019 From that day (TAKU SOMETANI GALLERY / Tokyo)
2019 Flash (Gallery Keika / Kyoto)
2019 KOBEARTMARTMARCHE Castle Aonon Solo Exhibition (Kobe Meriken Park Oriental Hotel, Hyogo)
2020 CONTACT (Gallery BIS, Kyoto)
2020 CONTACT II (Shibata Gallery / Osaka)
2021 Castle Aono Exhibition (O Gallery EYES / Osaka)

・ Group exhibition
2018 Artist Fair Kyoto Kyoto Art Lounge (Hotel Anteroom Kyoto, Kyoto)
2018 project three -player exhibition "Materials and forms" (SUNABA Gallery, Osaka)
2019 KYOTO ART for TOMORROW 2019 -Kyoto Prefecture New Selection Exhibition- (Kyoto Cultural Museum, Kyoto)
2019 Future Artists TOKYO (Tokyo International Forum Art Fair Tokyo 2019 venue, Tokyo)
2019 Artist Fair Kyoto (Kyoto Cultural Museum Annex, Kyoto)
2019 Group EXHIBITION "KYO" (Anmachi House Stay Minoya Town House, Kyoto)
2020 VOCA Exhibition 2020 Contemporary Art Observation-New Planet Writers (Ueno Mori Museum, Tokyo)
2020 Gestalt Prayer (2kw Gallery / Shiga)
2021 Nearby existence (Anmachi House Staying Machimachi House, Kyoto)

・ Awarded
66th Nara Prefectural Art Exhibition (Governor Award)
37th International Takiji Art Award (Excellent Award)
2016 Kyoto City University of the Arts Exhibition (Alumni Association Award)

・ Reference literature
Mieko Yoshiwara: "VOCA Exhibition 2020" Catalog (text)

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