Mizuki Inoue Mizuki INOUE

Born in Kumamoto in 1992. He lives in Tokyo. He mainly produces painting works. I am thinking about the "individual" that is seen from society, it is difficult to see, or overlooked. He is producing not a loud voice, but a small voice, just to not make it nothing.

Solo exhibition

2019 CCIGTOFF COLLECTION vol.1 "About a quiet night" Futigaya -ku, Shibuya -ku/Tokyo
2019 "IT RAINS A LOT", Tama Art University/Tokyo
2018 "Perfect Daily", Tama Art University/Tokyo
2017 "Re: Home", Tama Art University/Tokyo

Group exhibition
2021 Born New Art in Shibuya Scramble Square/Tokyo
2020 Holbine Skalaship results exhibition Sato Museum/Tokyo
2020 CREATIVITY CONTINUES 2019-2020 6th Rise Gallery/Tokyo 2019 CCIGTOFF COLLECTION VOL.1 Shibuya-ku Futagaya vacant Building/Tokyo
2019 Graduation/Ending Exhibition, Tokyo Five Art University, National Art Center, Art Takes Gallery/Tokyo
2018 Shirapacorn University Workshop 2018, Group Work, Shirapacorn University/Thailand, Nakon Patom
2017 TAMABI SELECT 4, Art Takes Gallery, Tama Art University/Tokyo
2017 Turner Award 2017 Winning/Tokyo
2017 Graduation/Ending Exhibition, Tokyo Five Art University, National College of Art/Tokyo
2016 "Veta Drive", Troubadour/Tokyo
2015 Turner AWARD 2015 Selected, Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya, Sendai, Sapporo
2015 Tokyo Wonder Wall 2015 Winning, Tokyo Museum of Contemporary Art/Tokyo
2015 Wonder Seed
2015 Winning to Kyow Wonder Site Shibuya/Tokyo
2014 Humanité Lab Vol. 53 Mizuki Inoue Exhibition , Gallery Tokyo Umanite/Tokyo

History of awards
2020 KAIKA TOKYO AWARD/KAIKA Tokyo by the Share Hotels
2019 33rd Holbein Skraleship scholarship student
2017 Turner Award 2017 winning
2017 Tama Art University Graduation Production, Excellence Award
2015 Tama Art University Alumni Association scholarship
2015 Turner Awards 2015 Winning, Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya, Sendai, Sapporo
2015 Tokyo Wonder Wall 2015 Winning, Tokyo Contemporary Art Museum, Tokyo
2015 Tokyo Wonder Seed 2015 Selected, Tokyo Wonder Site, Tokyo
2013 Five University Volunteer Joint Photo Exhibition ○ Exhibition. School Award, Nagaoka Model University, Tama Art University


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