[Application for lottery] Yuko Ando "e to OTO TO ... 2022" Lottery application for exhibited works

This time, we will only provide online shop members to sell "Yuko Ando" lottery sales of "E to OTO TO ... 2022" hosted by + Art Gallery/Le Creation. Please refer to the following for details of this lottery.

We are pleased to announce that we will hold a lottery for "Yuko Ando" who will participate in "e to oto to...2022" organized by +ART GALLERY. Please refer to the following for the details of this lottery.

* The application form is at the bottom.


[See the Price List of Work]

Work Price List: Yuko Ando


[Notes on lottery application]

This time, all the works exhibited by Yuko Ando will be able to apply for the work online through the lottery exclusive form.

・ Application period: May 30 (Mon) 10: 00- June 1 (Wednesday) 23:59
* Due to the characteristics of the form, it is possible to apply from 10:00 on May 30 (Mon), but the application outside the above period will be invalid.

・ Winners of purchase rights:By the middle of June 3rd (Friday)We will contact you by email. (Please note that we will not contact you if you have not won.)

In addition, works that were not applied after the decision on June 3 (Fri) will continue to prioritize first -come -first -served basis.

    • Preliminary applications can be up to 3 points per person.
    • If all three points are elected, everything will be purchased. Please describe only the work with the intention of purchasing in the desired frame.
    • Members of this online shop are eligible for lottery. If you haven't registered online shops,HerePlease register.
    • Transfer of purchase and application for resale will be strictly prohibited.
    • We do not accept shipping to non -applicants.
    • After confirming the payment after payment, the work will be shipped in about 2 weeks from the end date of the exhibition.
    • Please make payment within 7 days from the winning of the application work.
    • The subtle colors and textures of the work may differ from the actual work.
    • Changes to the application contents will be accepted only during the lottery reception.
    • Please note that cancellation after the winning is confirmed. In the case of cancellation, a cancellation fee will be charged.
    • In addition to the work price, a shipping fee is charged, and basically it is cash on delivery.
      In the case of shipping overseas, in addition to the shipping fee, the customer's duties and other costs incurred in the field are all borne by the customer.
    • All payments for lottery sales will be bank transfer and prepayment.
    • When purchasing the work, we agree below, regardless of the lottery or first -come, first -served basis.
      ・ The copyright of this work is reserved by Horipro Co., Ltd.
      ・ Horipro Co., Ltd. can use and operate the whole image (data, etc.), including this book sold, without any restrictions. At the time of the application, we will understand the above contents.

[Notes on Lottery Applications]
All Works EXHIBITED by Yuko Ando Will Be Available for Purchase Online VIA A Special Lottery Form.

Applications for the lottery will be accepted from May 30 (Mon.) at 10:00 a.m., and will close on June 1 (Wed.) at 23:59 p.m. The winners will be notified by e-mail within two days of the drawing .

IF No Applications Have BeeN Received by June 3 (Fri.), We Will Continue To Offer First-Come, First-Served Priority Sales.

  • Each Person May Apply for Up to Three Works in Advance.
  • IF All Five Works Are Selected, All of the THEM WILL BE Eligible for Purchase.
  • Members of OUR ONLINE STORE ARE ELIGIBLE FOR THE DRAWING. If you Online Store Is Not Registered, Please Register here.
  • Transfer of Purchase Rights and Applications for the Purpose of Resale Are Strictly Prohibited.
  • We will not ship to Anyone Other Than the Applicant.
  • We Will Ship the Artwork Approximately 2 Weeks from the EXHIBITION AFTERMING CONFIRMING RECEIPT OF PAYMENT.
  • PLEASE MAKE PAYMENT WITHIN 7 7 Days of the Confirmation of the Winning Artwork.
  • Changes to your Application can only be Made During the Lottery Registration Period.
  • In Addition to the Price of the ArtWork, a Shipping Fee Will Be Charged, Which Is Basically a Cash-ON-DELIVERY Fee.
  • In The Case of Overseas Shipments, In Addition to Shipping Charges, Customers Are Responsible for All All All All Import Duties Andy Other Other Other Other FeekURRED.
  • For Works Sold by Lottery, All Payments Must Be Made in Advance By Bank Transfer.
  • By Submitting Your Application, You Are Agreeing to the ABOVE TERMS and Conditions.

[Lottery application form]

Please apply for the lottery from the following.

Please Apply for the Lottery Below.

Apply for lottery

【抽選申込】安藤裕子「e to oto to...2022」出展作品の抽選お申し込みのご案内