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Gardening of AtsudaHere are some comments.

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Yuto Pia Glass Poster (Chiyoko and Shuri)

Gardening of Atsuda
Silk screen paint, acrylic paint, paper
70 x 45.5 cm


It is a poster of the original manga doujinshi "Yuto Pia Glass". Yuto Pia Glass is a joint magazine made on the premise of announcement and sale at the manga magazine exhibition and sale.
In the doujinshi sale party, the circle participants display each space and create a sales floor. There are various display methods, but there are many circles that prepare a stand on your own and post posters at the top of the space. Yuto Pia Glass has been exhibiting at the spot sale several times, but never made a poster.
After the request of Yu Yamamoto for the poster exhibition "9 Posters", she made a poster for the doujinshi -pia glass that was also participating.

Gardening of Atsuda


Gardening of Atsuda
She lives in Aichi Prefecture.
Her manga is released on the web as her pseudonym pounding. In 2015, she started working in the name of Atsuda Garden, with her appreciation guided at the Aichi Prefectural Museum of Art, Tsukiyasu Exhibition. She participates in the joint magazine "Yuto Pia Glass" every issue from No. 2. She is currently publishing two extra editions up to No. 9. She won the Morning Zero's March 2019 Expectation Award.
In 2017, she started the activity of Mt. Atsuda, a modern art unit.

Main exhibition (Atsuda Mt.)
"9 Posters" TalionGallery (Tokyo)
"When It Waxes and Wans"
"Religion Vol.2/Atsudayama ALL NIGHT HAPSTAMP"
HAPS Higashiyama Artists Place Service (Kyoto)
"Atsuda" Maison SHINTENCHI (Aichi)


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9 Posters (Repost)
Yuki Oiwa "Margin Reception"

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June 1, 2021 (Tue)- June 30 (Wed)

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