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( * Image work)
Citron Doré
Asuka Wakita
Gold leaf, glue, paper, laser print
42 x 29.7 cm
ED.5 (ED.1/9-9/9)

( * PHOTO / Kanejigae Joichi)


Lemon slice poster. Nine posters printed in exactly the same, nine lemon slices of gold leaf with heat. And one by one, a lemon that got a different light. Posters and printed materials in everyday work are intended to have exactly the same finish, but I want to love the lemon that has a different shine depending on the cut.

Asuka Wakita


Asuka Wakita
1993 Born in Aichi Prefecture
After graduating from Tokyo University of the Arts Design Department, she belongs to Kosfish. She has a PARCO ad, a design of the magazine "Souen", a 50th anniversary poster and a ZUCCA brand book. She also produces and announces works such as artbooks.
She published her collection of "Happening" in 2019.

Main exhibitions
2020 "9 Posters" Talion Gallery (Tokyo)
2019 "Happening" Midori -so Gallery (Tokyo)
2018 "TRIANGLE PLUS SQUARE" Tokyo University of the Arts completion production exhibition (Tokyo)
2019 "Happening" Tokyo University of the Arts Graduation Production Exhibition (Tokyo)

Main award history
2018 Metro Cultural Foundation Award (Completion Production Exhibition of Tokyo University of the Arts)
2016 Encouragement Prize in 2016 (Tokyo University of the Arts Graduation Production Exhibition)
2015 Anjiku Prize (Tokyo University of the Arts School)


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9 Posters (Repost)
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June 1, 2021 (Tue)- June 30 (Wed)

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