ARTIST Yukari Yamada / Yamada Yukari

      He creates paintings and poems based on the concept of "Find the sparkling moments in life."
      Expressing the excitement that we tend to forget in our daily lives through abstract paintings and collaborations between photography and painting.
      Through my works, I hope that people will rediscover the happiness of being able to spend their daily lives casually, and the revitalization and joy of the body and mind, which tend to slow down due to the hyper-evolution of modern technology.
      He is active both domestically and internationally, and his large-scale solo exhibition in Shanghai in 2019 received high acclaim. In addition, his method of staging the entire exhibition space as a work of art with the theme of ``enjoying art with all five senses'' has been well received.

      career / career

      2019 “Yumada Yukari Exhibition ~Invitation to the New World~” / Huasai Art Center / Shanghai, China
      2019 “3rd China-Japan-Korea Art Exhibition” / Tsukuba Art Museum, Ibaraki / Tsukuba
      2021 “Yukari Yamada x Buraku Group “Resonating World”” / China Cultural Center / Toranomon
      2021 “Yukari Yamada Exhibition ~Artistic Life~” / CONDEHOUSE YOKOHAMA GALLERY / Yokohama
      2022 "Resonance Effect 2022" / Gallery Seeds / Hokkaido
      2022 “Yukari Yamada Exhibition ~Bloom in Autumn~” / Soei Gallery / Ginza, and many other solo exhibitions and exhibitions. He also collaborates with sake labels and apparel brands.

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