"WONDIMENSIONTOYS" Plush Brand A stuffed toy brand based on the concept of "stuffed animals from a mysterious dimension."

      We are currently working on ``MEMORY-TEDDY,'' which mainly uses teddy bears and transforms clothes into teddy bears.

      2021 Exhibition and sale at POPUP with artist “CRASTY” at Shibuya TSUTAYA
      2021 Production and display of extra large size character “Chuckma”
      2021 With accessory brand “Treasure” at Shibuya Scramble Square
      Collaboration teddy bears displayed and sold at POPUP
      2022 Exhibition and sale at POPUP at Shibuya Hikarie
      2022 Pro Skater Memories T-shirt used by professional skater “Nijika Fujisawa”
      Announced "MEMORY-TEDDY" produced using.

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