tsurikawa tsurikawa

      Debuted as a painter and illustrator at his first solo exhibition "Naked" in 2021.
      Since childhood, he has liked museums of nature and civilization, and with the theme of ``Between humans and beasts'', he explores the awe of both nature and civilization through character expression. Living in a city full of buildings makes you miss the richness of nature, but living in nature makes you miss the lights of the city.A unique way to explore this contradiction and the characteristics of humans who cannot belong to either. , expressed through a worldview.
      His works include brightly colored paintings using acrylic paints, digital art using tablets, and three-dimensional works using colored ceramics.
      In addition, I aim to combine manga art and illustration, which are often considered separate from paintings, with paintings using traditional mineral pigments.

      From 2022, I will major in Japanese painting at Joshibi University of Art and Design.Won the wataboku award at the 6th WEGO SNS Art Contest.

      In the same year, won the Excellence Award at the 72nd National Student Art & Design Awards Exhibition.
      In the same year, participated in the group exhibition "Glowing Stone Exhibition" at Shibuya Hikarie.


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