ARTIST Suzuki shinobu / suzuki shinobu

      Utilizing his career as a leather accessory craftsman, he has been releasing works using leather carving techniques since 2020.

      The word "escape" is used as a concept to express the attitude of overcoming.

      By thinking about the relationship between people and the valuable leather that is a byproduct, we aim to create an answer to ``escape'' from the existing trend by creating pieces that will remain instead of being thrown away.

      In addition, the fact that other living things are an essential source of nutrition for humans to survive reminds us of the fact that we live in interaction with other things, and gives us clues to reconsider our lives.
      This leads to re-recognizing and rediscovering oneself, and I believe that not only the relationship with something else, but also the relationship with oneself can become a source of daily nourishment.

      I think about gratitude for life through the link between the leather that changes and grows over time and the self that matures and deepens through ``escape'' from the rigid ``before.''

      career / career

      Solo Exhibition
      2021 POTENTIAL Shikisaisha (Tokyo)

      Group Exhibition
      2021 WHAT CAFE × CREST EXHIBITION - Diversity - (Tokyo/Tennozu)
      2021 Art Tokyo YNK (Tokyo Square Garden)
      2021 JR Nagoya Takashimaya × TOMOHIKO YOSHINO GALLERY (Aichi)
      2022 Hankyu × Art Collectors New Stars Art Exhibition 2022 (Osaka)
      2023 DAIMARU Great Contemporary Art Exhibition ~Street Culture~

      Art fair
      2021 ART NAGOYA 2021 (Aichi/Nagoya)
      2022 ONE ART TAIPEI 2022 (Taiwan/Taipei)
      2022 ART NAGOYA 2022 (Aichi/Nagoya)
      2022 ART BUSAN 2022 (Korea/Busan)
      2022 art stage OSAKA 2022 (Osaka)
      2022 ART FAIR ASIA FUKUOKA (Fukuoka)
      2022 ART TAIPEI (Taiwan/Taipei)
      2022 Daegu International Art Fair (Korea/Daegu)
      2023 ONE ART TAIPEI 2023 (Taiwan/Taipei)
      2023 ART NAGOYA 2023 (Aichi/Nagoya)


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