ARTIST Sora Suzuki


      In human society, tragedies have always occurred somewhere in the world, and there is art that expresses these tragedies. However, personally, I would rather see a comedy than a tragedy. If it comes true, I want to keep smiling and be natural. That's why I arbitrarily overlay lines on classical paintings and overwrite them. I hope that even just a little bit of the happiness I feel will be conveyed to those who see my work.


      Currently enrolled in the master's course in oil painting and printmaking at Aichi Prefectural University of Arts.

      2022 “toy pray” (Citizen Gallery Yada, Nagoya)

      "1999-2000" (Art Space Scala, Nagoya)

      "Pre." (Kawaijuku Art Institute Art Space NAF, Nagoya)

      2023 “I want to dream of becoming a dog” (Shimokitazawa Arts, Tokyo)


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