ARTIST Shotaro Sanada / Sanada Syotaro

      Born in Hyogo Prefecture in 2000. He mainly creates large-scale paintings that extract elements from landscapes and create extremely abstract forms. The expression of thoughts based on aesthetic research and the characteristic brushstrokes that condense the visual passage of time into simple compositions leave a strong impression on the viewer. He has received numerous awards including the 2022 Geidai Art Plaza Award, Art Olympia 2022, Tokyo University of the Arts ART FES 2022, and Art Students STARS. Recent solo exhibitions include "ACROSS" (Bumpodo Gallery/Tokyo/2023) and "from" (art brewing gallery - haco/Tokyo/2022), and he also actively holds live paintings. He also provides numerous artworks and designs. Currently a 4th year student in the First Laboratory of Aesthetics, Department of Art, Faculty of Fine Arts, Tokyo University of the Arts.

      career / career

      the year of 2000
      Born in Nishinomiya City, Hyogo Prefecture
      Graduated from Tatsuma Ikueikai Koyo Gakuin High School
      Entered the Department of Art, Faculty of Fine Arts, Tokyo University of the Arts
      Geisai 2021 Executive Committee Chairman
      Received the Art Plaza Award at the Geidai Art Plaza Awards.
      GEIDAI ART FES 2022 selection
      Solo exhibition “from” art brewing gallery–haco, Tokyo
      Art Olympia 2022 Prize Winner, Kiunkaku, Shizuoka
      Selected for All Japan Art Salon Painting Grand Prize Exhibition, National Art Center, Tokyo
      Solo exhibition “ACROSS” Bumpodo Gallery, Tokyo
      Participation in media project “POST-FAKE”
      Arts Students STARS selection, +Art Gallery, Tokyo
      Warehouse Terada “WHAT CAFE EXHIBITION vol.28” Warehouse Terada, Tokyo
      Selected as the first artist of "Google x Generation Z Artist"
      4th year, Aesthetics Research Laboratory, Faculty of Fine Arts, Tokyo University of the Arts (currently enrolled)


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