ARTIST Miho Nishikawa / Nishokawa Miho

      He was in charge of the cover art for the Akutagawa Prize-winning works ``Hibana'' and ``Ningen'' written by comedian Naoki Matayoshi.

      Based on the concept of "visible and invisible things," I evoke the memory of the person looking at the painting, imagine it, and use the act of "seeing" to discover what was not seen that was different from what is currently visible. I am drawing a picture that transforms into a crab.

      2013 Completed master's course in painting, Tama Art University

      award / winning a prize
      2008 4th World Painting Awards Exhibition Grand Prize
      2010 Tama Art University, Faculty of Art and Design, Department of Art and Design, 4th year exhibition ART41 Grand Prix
      2010 31st International Takifuji Art Award
      2011 21st ARTBOX Grand Prize Exhibition Grand Prize
      2014 Sompo Japan Art Award FACE2014 Selected
      2021 IAG AWARD2021 Encouragement Award

      picture on the cover of a book

      "Spark" by Naoki Matayoshi (work title Imasca)
      "Sentimental Stove" by Yukako Kawashima "Human" (work name: Kioku no Henka)

      Main Exhibit Career

      2022 "Signs of memory" s+arts
      "Tagboat art fair" Tokyo Port City Takeshiba "CORE part4" Hankyu MEN'S TOKYO
      "Small art Collection" Hankyu MEN'S TOKYO

      “meets Artists exhibition” Hiltopia Art Square “DAIMARU Contemporary Art Exhibition” Daimaru Tokyo “Art fair GINZA” Mitsukoshi Ginza “6th KILALA ART Exhibition” Tobu Utsunomiya “Luxury Art Fair” Mito Keisei Department Store “ArtfairHAKATA” Hakata Hankyu “GIFT” Hiltopia Art Square "somewhere" Hankyu MEN'S TOKYO


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