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      Artist born in 1999 and living in Yokohama.
      The paintings of beautiful women, which are descended from ukiyo-e, a uniquely Japanese form of painting that has influenced the world, are mainly expressed based on trends and values ​​from 2000 onwards.
      On the other hand, when it comes to color, many of his works are influenced by Impressionist works painted from the mid-1800s to the early 1900s .
      The production method is to first draw the almost completed form digitally, and then paint it on canvas using acrylic paint, acrylic gouache, acrylic marker, medium, etc.
      I use a method of drawing and copying.
      He has been actively exhibiting his works in exhibitions since around 2022, and will also participate in exhibitions in Boston, Shanghai, Taiwan, etc. in 2023 .

      1999 Born in Kanagawa Prefecture.
      2020   Dropped out of nursing school due to central nervous system narcolepsy type 1
      2021 Started painting by self-taught and started posting works on SNS.

      Born in 1999, artist living in Yokohama.
      He expresses beauty paintings, which are in the vein of ukiyoe, a unique Japanese pictorial expression that influenced the world, with the trends and values ​​of the post-2000 period as the main component.
      On the other hand, in terms of color, many of his works are influenced by impressionist works painted around the mid-1800s to early 1900s.
      He paints digitally to a nearly finished form, and then uses acrylic paints, acrylic gouache, acrylic markers, mediums, etc., to copy the finished work onto the canvas.
      He has been actively participating in exhibitions since around 2022.
      Since around 2022, he has been actively exhibiting his works in exhibitions, and in 2023 he participated in exhibitions in Boston, Shanghai, and Taiwan.

      Brief History
      1999 Born in Kanagawa, Japan
      2020 Developed CNS narcolepsy type 1, dropped out of nursing school
      2021 Started drawing pictures on her own and started posting her works on SNS.

      Main exhibition
      Solo exhibition
      2022.8 Narcolepsy1999 1st SOLO Exhibition “Yawn” (RANITOS / Shinjuku)
      2023.4 Narcolepsy1999 2nd SOLO Exhibition “Flower Play” (ZINE Gallery / Kyoto)
      2023.5 Narcolepsy1999 2nd SOLO Exhibition “Flower Play” Traveling Exhibition (ZINE Gallery / Nara)
      group exhibition
      2022.9 “Landmark” Any Kobe with Arts 2022 (LA REINE Artist Gallery / Kobe)
      2022.11 “100 People 10 Exhibition2022” (Tokyo Midtown / Roppongi)
      2023.2 “CRUSH” (Concept store SEE? / Kobe)
      2023.3 “LIBERTY OF WoVE” (+ART Gallery / Shibuya)
      2023.3 “BITS AND PIECES” (DRELLA Art Gallery / Daikanyama)
      2023.3 “DREAM WITHIN REALITY” (ONEsGALLERY / Boston)
      2023.4 “An Emei” (Longmen Yashu / Shanghai)
      2023.5 “POPUP GALLELY@FUKUOKA”(MARK is Fukuoka-momochi / Fukuoka
      2023.6 “etoototo…2023-ART×MUSIC” (+ART Gallery / Shibuya)

      2022.11 Mirror work “Mirror Shot” selected for “100 People 10” by Japan Art Tech Association (General Incorporated Association)
      Art book/ZINE
      “UIZINE” (2022 / TIENOWA WORKS.Inc)
      "Playing with Flowers" (2023 / ZINE Gallery)
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