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      Contemporary artist Mitsuki Naka has grown up as a digital native, with a diverse set of values ​​that are not bound by existing rules, using "music" as a motif, and themes of physicality and dialogue after spending time in a hospital due to hemiplegia in his early teens. I create my works using my everyday tool, the iPhone. The production process allows art to appear anywhere by converting it into data, but once the image is turned into a work, it is immediately deleted from the data on the "iPhone". We are creating new forms of art that have never existed before. Naka concentrates on his emotions in a moment and depicts them intuitively, but by turning them into physical works, he shares his values ​​with the viewer and forms a dialogue with them. The instantaneous saturation and atmosphere expressed from the music, as well as the smooth and powerful lines, give an impulse to the viewer.

      career / career

      group exhibition

      2017 1st KSAA Preview (Kyoto / Kyoto Art Center)

      2018 68th Academic Exhibition Excellent Prize Winners Exhibition (Tokyo / Shinjuku Park Tower)
      2nd KSAA Preview (Kyoto / World Heritage Site Nijo Castle)
      Mitsubishi Corporation Art Gate Program Scholarship Selection Exhibition (Tokyo / Marunouchi Building)

      2019 Art Liberation Area (Tokyo/tenoha Daikanyama)
      New artist APC (Tokyo / Roppongi Hills Club)
      Independent Tokyo 2019(Tokyo / Hulic Hall)
      42nd, 43rd, 44th MCAGP Preview (Tokyo / Marunouchi Building)

      ACT Grand Prize Exhibition (Tokyo /The Artcomplex Center of Tokyo)

      2020 KENZAN2020 Gallery Kogure Award Winner

      Smartphones are more real. (Tokyo / Shibuya Hikarie 8/CUBE1,2,3)

      2021 Bunkamura Intersection Exhibition (Tokyo/Tokyu Bunkamura Gallery)
      Break Eve Exhibition (Tokyo/Daimaru Tokyo)
      Art Liberation Area (Tokyo/Nihonbashi)
      STAR Exhibition Recommended Artist (Tokyo/Tricera Auction)

      2022 Perspectives and coincidences towards art (Tokyo/ MITSUKOSHI CONTEMPORARY GALLERY)
      “Smash Hits 01” from ONBEAT(Tokyo/YUGEN Gallery)
      STAR Exhibition Recommended Artist (Tokyo/Tricera Auction)

      Solo exhibition

      2020 Naka Mitsuki Exhibition “Emo makes up who we are.” (Tokyo / Shibuya Hikarie 8/CUBE1,2,3)

      2021 Naka Mitsuki Exhibition "Keynote" (Tokyo/Hankyu MEN'S TOKYO)
      FUGA Exhibition (Tokyo/Akasaka)

      2022 Naka Mitsuki Exhibition “Hikari.” (Tokyo/Shibuya Hikarie Show Window)
      Mitsuki Naka Exhibition “LOVE.” (Tokyo/Space A9)
      2023 Mitsuki Naka Exhibition “MOVED.” (Tokyo/Space A9)

      art direction
      2023 Shibuya Stream Passageway, Grand Staircase Video Output Production

      Many others participated

      Video introduction
      NHK WORLD Five Frames for Love Naka Mitsuki's Smartphone Masterpieces Prove Digital Art's Worth - Friend, Faith, Future
      Part 1
      Part 2
      TBS Go NEXT - Running into the future -
      The night before the break Contemporary Artist Mitsuki Naka Break Eve 2021
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