ARTIST Takuya Naganawa / Naganawa Takuya

      Takuya Naganawa is a dentist (Doctor of Medicine) and contemporary artist born in Aichi Prefecture in 1982. After graduating from Tokyo Dental University in 2007, he conducted research on intractable pain (OFP) in the orofacial region at Tokyo Women's Medical University Hospital and Aarhus University in Denmark, and developed a sensory testing device for the orofacial region.

      Received IADR (Boston, 2015) Neuroscience Award. Currently enrolled in graduate school at Digital Hollywood University. By applying the characteristics of contemporary art, we aim to improve the health literacy of people and children who are indifferent to medical care and health, and to prevent diseases.

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      2021 “Art reduces pain exhibition!?”

      (Futakotamagawa Tsutaya Home Appliances, Tokyo)

      “Takuya Naganawa Solo Exhibition” (Ginza Soei Gallery, Tokyo)

      2022 "Artist in Maggie's" (Maggie's Tokyo)

      “Cat Leader and Health Literacy Exhibition”

      (Ginza Soei Gallery, Tokyo)

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