Produces works based on the concept of "deep human beings".
      By placing human-made pictograms on the silhouettes of animals that live their lives honestly and honestly, we can see the difference between the "surface" and "deep" that humans show.
      It expresses the beauty of lying and the foolishness of judging people only by their superficiality.

      1992: Born in Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture
      2021: Start of artist activities

      [Group exhibition]
      2022 “my color” (Tokyo/gallery201)
      2023 “Group Exhibition” (Tokyo, Origin of Beauty)
      “10 people exhibition” (Tokyo, between the arts gallery)
      "UPSET" (Tokyo/DDDART)

      [Award history]
      ・Selected for the 10th 2022 Origin of Beauty Exhibition


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