[2ndweek]Hello +ART Tokyu Plaza Shibuya

[2ndweek]Hello +ART Tokyo Plaza Shibuya


      +ART GALLERY, which has been operating a gallery on the 14th floor of Shibuya Scramble Square in the center of Shibuya for three years, will open a new location on the 3rd floor of Tokyu Plaza Shibuya in Shibuya Fukuras, a new commercial facility in Shibuya.

      As the first project, "Hello +ART Tokyo Plaza Shibuya" will be held, with a total of 40 artists participating. 

      < August 14th (Monday) - August 20th (Sunday) >
      Yoichiro Otani, who expresses landscapes with letters and has won various art awards in recent years, Ayame Higuchi, who is a student but actively presents her works at various exhibitions, and Won Jacky, who is popular for his distinctive style of expression through sewing. We are also planning to exhibit works that can be enjoyed not only in 2D, but also in 3D, such as Kanshin Imai, who is known for his exquisite expressiveness and collaborations with Pokemon.

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