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      Hajime Kinoko
      Contemporary artist, Shibari master, Rope artist, photographer

      He not only views bondage as erotic, but also excels in pop interpretations and sublimation into art, and is particularly praised for his unique work that binds nature (trees, rocks, etc.) and even space. In recent years, in addition to performances, he has also been actively presenting artwork using photographs and videos. Responsible for all tying, filming, and directing. In addition, they have held performances and workshops not only in Japan but also in over 20 major cities such as Paris, London, and Munich, and are highly recognized overseas. Japan's leading rope specialist.
      Kinoko's works are evaluated not only as a form of eroticism but also a new conception of pop culture and art especially when it comes to his unique shibari that involves tying trees and rocks in the nature or even an empty room. In recent years, Kinoko has he devoted himself to creating artworks with filming and photographing beside stage performances. his artworks which he ties, shoots and directs are gaining recognition as “Art beyond Shibari” and are known both domestically and internationally through his workshops and showcases in major cities of over 20 countries such as Paris, London and Munich. Kinoko is the representative Shibari specialist of Japanese rope art.

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