etoototo...2023  3rd week

etoototo...2023 3rd week


      It has always been said that "art and music are close."
      Have you ever experienced that? 👀✨

      This project will be the third exhibition at our gallery with the theme, ``Let's reconsider music from the perspective of art, and listen to art from the perspective of music.''

      <3rd Week June 19th (Monday) to June 25th (Sunday)>
      They made their major debut in 2008 as Sonar Pocket and have produced various hit songs throughout the world.
      Eyeron, who is active as a singer, is famous for his hobby of running, but he actually has a deep connection with art, having studied art at university, and his illustration taste is at a professional level.Although this is his first time exhibiting, he has already become a hot topic!

      eyeron (sonar pocket) / Nakamura Woru / Yuta Tamura / Shinshi Makino

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