etoototo...2023  2nd week

etoototo...2023 2nd week


      It has always been said that "art and music are close."
      Have you ever experienced that? 👀✨

      This project will be the third exhibition at our gallery with the theme, ``Let's reconsider music from the perspective of art, and listen to art from the perspective of music.''

      <2nd Week June 12th (Monday) to June 18th (Sunday)>
      Miyuu, who debuted as a singer-songwriter and travels all over the country with his guitar, will be exhibiting for the first time!
      His unique sensibility shows off not only in his music but also in his art!

      Miyuu / Hana Tanigaki / Yu Seto / Kimihiro Masamura / Aya Kurashiki

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