ARTIST cocoro nakaura

      I think our lives, where we are surrounded by many digital devices every day and are constantly doing things simultaneously, have become picture-in-picture-based.
      We look at pictures and videos on our phones while eating, listen to music and send emails to friends while we move around. There are always square screens around us. I feel that the transformation of lifestyles in this digital society is a reflection of our current times, and I depict their daily lives.

      Born in Tokyo in 1998
      2017 Graduated from Tokyo Metropolitan Art High School Art Department
      2021 Graduated from Tokyo Zokei University, Faculty of Art and Design, Department of Art, Major in Painting
      2023 Graduated from Tokyo Zokei University, Graduate School of Art and Design, Department of Art and Design

      Main exhibitions

      2015 “Tokyo Central Exhibition” (Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum)
      2019 “Art Festival and After”
      2021 “ZOKEI Exhibition” Nomination Award “Kondo Seminar Exhibition 2021” (605gallery)
      "Group Exhibition: VIEWS and FACES Vol.2 -Landscape and People-" (The blank gallery)
      "FUTUR" (WK gallery / Beijing)
      “8th Future Exhibition” (Nichido Gallery)
      2022 “OTO SELECTION EXHIBITION” (Oto Gallery)
      "Now You Know! vol.1" (Whimsy Works Gallery /Taiwan)
      "Beat Exhibition -the beat-" GINZASIX Artglorieux gallery of tokyo
      “Art Liberation Area Nihonbashi 2022” tagboat art gallery
      “ART FAIR GINZA” (tagboat × MITSUKOSHI Ginza Mitsukoshi)
      “Art Fair HAKATA tugboat × HAKATA HANKYU” (Hakata Hankyu)
      "Shibuya Style vol.16"
      (Seibu Shibuya Store B building 8th floor art gallery/alternative space)
      “skin is” (Sagamihara Citizens Gallery)

      2023 “ZOKEI Exhibition” (Tokyo Zokei University ZOKEI Award Winner)
      “Shin Contemporary Art Exhibition” (Otsu Gallery)

      Solo exhibition
      2021 “Art Fair Tokyo2023” (gallery of tokyo)
      2022 "own influence" (solo exhibition GINZA SIX Artglorieux gallery of tokyo)
      "solo spread" (solo exhibition light house gallery Ryogoku)

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