[ ALL ] etoototo...2023

[ ALL ] etoototo...2023


      It has always been said that "art and music are close."
      Have you ever experienced that?
      This project will be a special exhibition that ``reconsiders music from the perspective of art, and listens to art from the perspective of music.''

      <1st Week June 5th (Monday) to June 11th (Sunday)>
      YORKE./Gotodai/ SOMETA / Narcolepsy1999/ Yoichiro Otani

      <2nd Week June 12th (Monday) to June 18th (Sunday)>
      Miyuu / Hana Tanigaki / Yu Seto / Kimihiro Masamura / Aya Kurashiki

      <3rd Week June 19th (Monday) to June 25th (Sunday)>
      eyeron (sonar pocket) / Nakamura Woru / Yuta Tamura / Shinshi Makino

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