ARTIST Keiko Aikawa / Keiko Aikawa

      Only a small part of the face is actually visible, and there are faces that are not visible and that even the person himself does not know. My work is to create the shape of a face that exists inside me or you, but I don't know if it exists. It's not just the face that you can see, but also the parts that you can't really see and it's complex. Recognizing faces is almost like getting close to that fact. I think it's important to think about faces when thinking about people you don't know at all.

      For me, production means creating forms that have never been seen before. The face is the most visible thing in everyday life, and the act of destroying certain parts of it is like a way to escape from a fixed image.

      Born in Niigata Prefecture
      Graduated from Visual Art Course, Visual Design Department, Nagaoka Zokei University

      Main Exhibit Career

      2019 "EPIC PAINTERS Vol.6" (The blank GALLERY) group exhibition
      2021 “Karisome Unity” (Kaede Gallery, Niigata City) Solo exhibition
      2022 "Stories 5 Stories II" (Kaede Gallery, Niigata City) Group Exhibition "EPIC PAINTERS Vol.10 -PORTRAITS-" (THE blank GALLERY) Group Exhibition "EYES_portrait show by Emerging Artist" (MEDEL GALLERY SHU) Group Exhibition "Face" “The Face in the Sky” (MEDEL GALLERY SHU) Solo exhibition “Japanese Art Exhibition” (GALLERY JO YANA, France) Group exhibition “WHAT CAFE EXHIBITION vol.22 Art is…” Group exhibition
      2023 “Chroma Distance” (POLA MUSEUM ANNEX) Group Exhibition

      2019 Niigata Nippo Niigata's up and coming coverage
      2022 Men's fashion magazine 2n d "THE VISUAL PERFORMER" interview published

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