[3rd week] ART Students STARS Vol.2

[3rd week] ART Students STARS Vol.2


      This exhibition focuses on "young artists who are currently enrolled in school or have graduated within two years" who have great potential to lead the art industry in the future, and provides an opportunity to experience the future art world created by young artists. This is a place where you can do it.

      Please come to the venue and experience the power of works filled with the real thoughts of young artists, including their hopes and expectations for the future, as well as their anxieties and conflicts, as they communicate to modern society.

      We look forward to seeing you there.

      Week 3 Artist LINE UP (September 18th - September 24th)
      Yuna Higanbana / Yunjin Kim / Sora Suzuki / Shion Takano / Tetsu Kabasawa / Ayaka Shirota / Ai Nishida / suma / Hiiro / VIKI

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