[1st week]Hello +ART Tokyu Plaza Shibuya

[1st week]Hello +ART Tokyo Plaza Shibuya


      +ART GALLERY, which has been operating a gallery on the 14th floor of Shibuya Scramble Square in the center of Shibuya for three years, will open a new location on the 3rd floor of Tokyu Plaza Shibuya in Shibuya Fukuras, a new commercial facility in Shibuya.

      As the first project, "Hello +ART Tokyo Plaza Shibuya" will be held, with a total of 40 artists participating. 

      <  August 7th (Monday) - August 13th (Sunday) >

      Neuronoa, who has been involved in +ART GALLERY's initial planning and will hold a solo exhibition in September, Shota Nakatsugawa, whose popularity is increasing including exhibitions overseas, Karin Taisha, who has exhibited a wide range of works including modeling and art direction, and Karin, who has a wide range of works such as modeling and art direction. A total of 12 groups participated, including Shoko Hirose, who has a background in creating works based on the unique Japanese culture.

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