ARTIST Lee San-jin

      In an attempt to deeply integrate story and sensibility, we explore unknown territory that cannot be grasped. Utilizing the fluidity and chance of water-based pigments, she challenges traditional aesthetic standards and rational control, displaying an ever-changing, fragmented world with a sense of wabi-sara beauty. Rather than simply expressing a particular emotion or moment, this exploration appears as a combination of multilayered emotions and narrative spaces. Using his unique techniques, he creates a fluid and changing narrative space that transcends the framework of traditional aesthetics.

      career / career

      Completed master's course in oil painting at Tama Art University
      Currently enrolled in doctoral course at Tama Art University, Department of Art.

      2021 Charity Biennale Pieces Exhibition
      2021 Public Exhibition Nagatei Gallery Selected
      2021 Public Exhibition TURNERAWARD Future Award
      2022 “Water and Oil Exhibition” Group Exhibition
      2022 Solo exhibition “Modern fossil”
      2022 Tokyo Gobi Exchange Exhibition
      2022 “Experimental Exhibition”
      2022 Selected for MONSTER Exhibition
      2022 Public Exhibition 1st FEI PURO ART AWARD Selected
      2022 Public Exhibition SHIBUYA AWARDS 2022 Selected
      2023 Tama Art University Exhibition
      2023 Solo exhibition “Comet Magician”
      2023 The National Art Center, Tokyo, Five Fine Arts Association Exhibition
      2023 TAMABI Group Exhibition in Asia
      2023 “HOCUS POCUS CIRCUS” Group Exhibition

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