ARTIST Yuna Higanbana


      She creates paintings based on her own experience of sexual assault. As we live in modern society, we often suffer from the scars caused by social stigma based on gender, appearance, age, etc. A number of acts of violence, betrayal, and discrimination take place in paintings with seemingly gentle colors. These things exist vividly in reality, but they are rarely noticed. She simultaneously reveals the joy of living and the scars of life, and reflects both the beauty and ugliness of this world in her paintings. I believe that this act is not art for art's sake, but rather a way to rehabilitate the distortions of reality. While affirming the part of human nature that allows us to desire others even when we are hurt by them, our goal is to provide a life-sized approach to the pain caused by common problems through paintings.

      Born in Fukuoka Prefecture, 20 years old, currently studying oil painting at Tama Art University.

      [Exhibition history]

      July 2021 “Five Art Universities Exchange Exhibition Small Works Exhibition” 3331 Arts Chiyoda

      "Five Art Universities Exchange Exhibition - Small Works Exhibition" Gallery "Agriculture"

      October “3331 ART FAIR 2021” 3331 Arts Chiyoda 2022

      April “Five Art Universities Exchange Exhibition Ikonkyo” 3331 Arts Chiyoda

      May “Voices as they are” Koganei Art Spot Chateau 2F

      October “That person at that time” Tama Art University Art Festival

      January 2023 “Art Wonderland Exhibition” Sogo Yokohama Store

      May 2-person exhibition “and” Eric Rose

      June “Femelo vol.2” Shibuya or MIYASHITA PARK

      "To those who will no longer be around 100 years from now. After all, even this fiction is just an extension of reality." Nezu Hello Bee

      [Award history]

      2021 “3331 ART FAIR 2021” Shibuya Style Prize winner

      “Five Art Universities Exchange Exhibition Ikonkyo” Received the Tokyo Exhibition Recommendation Award

      2022 "Miss iD2022" finalist

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