ARTIST Ayaka Shirota


      The main theme is imaginary landscapes. Rather than being abstract, he incorporates familiar spaces into the world and expresses spaces that are not tied to a time axis or reality that is completely different from the current world in which he exists, giving a sense of déjà vu but also a sense of incongruity. Make others remember. I use oil paintings to capture the small emotional changes, traumas, and anxious thoughts that I experience in my daily life.I also use charcoal to create collages as a unique expression because people in the world of mental landscapes are mixed together not as matter but as souls and pure objects. It has been administered to the world of painting as such. The world she depicts speaks not only to individuals, but also to others and the world.


      2021 Admission to Tokyo University of the Arts, Department of Oil Painting

      2023 Currently enrolled in school

      Main exhibition history


      "point de depart"

      "3331 ART FAIR 2022"


      “Ayaka Shirota “Escape from the miniature garden.” / Koji Masuyama “alternative green” two-person exhibition”


      haku group exhibition “conversation” Arcus Pride Art Exhibition 2023

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